Improving Communication with LifePower

Dear friends,
Three years ago Dani Lemberger founded the LifePower project to introduce Ron Hubbard’s knowledge to the public. There’s no doubt that the project creates a strong effect, as evident by the increasing demand of the LifePower books and by the new public joining the academies at Dror Center, Haifa and at Clearing Center, Tel-Aviv.

Today, I am proud to present Debbie Abissar’s video success story from the the course.

Debbie Abissar has been working as a nurse at Carmel Medical Center of Haifa for 15 years. Thanks to the theory and practical drills from ‘The Complete Communication Manual’ she managed to overcome numerous difficulties she used to have with the people close to her, and especially with her coworkers.

These achievements have sparked Debbie’s desire to go up the Bridge.

Debbie decided to share her wins in a short interview.

We invite you to hear Debbie’s success story in the following video:

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