New Product Release: The Effective Communication Workshop

Dear Friends,
My name is Aviv Bershadsky, I’m the OT Review Auditor and C/S at Dror Center. I just came back from New Jersey, USA. I spent a month there, working with nine people altogether, some of whom have been on the Bridge a long time, but most are brand-new.

The good news is that in just a month, Maglen Perez finished her Life Repair Auditing, Robert ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson attested to his NOTs Progress Program and Moshe Wilbushewich completed OT Preps, OT Eligibility, OT I and OT II!

The other six people I worked with in New Jersey, participated in the brand-new LifePower Effective Communication Workshop. I would like to tell you more about this new service:

The LifePower Effective Communication Workshop teaches Hubbard’s TR’s 0 to 4 to a group of people, based on The Complete Communication Manual written by Dani Lemberger. The Effective Communication Workshop includes theory lectures delivered by an instructor to the group by means of a PowerPoint slide show, beautifully designed by our in-house graphic artist, Igor Dubrovner. This is followed by drilling of the well-known TR’s developed in the 1960’s by Ron Hubbard for the training of auditors. I am sure that readers of this blog are familiar with these TR’s and the fantastic results to be obtained by doing them.

The Effective Comm Workshop was piloted in Israel with great success. Now, I had the honor to deliver the workshop to the management of a large trading company in New Jersey.

The participants were happy with the theory of communication, the ARC Triangle, the Communication Formula and much more. They were even happier to drill the TR’s and to experience the changes in their communication abilities. While on course, they experienced, and shared with us, much better performance at daily work and miraculous changes in their family and personal lives. One of the participants even went exterior on OT TR 0!

Following the workshop, the company’s owner reported that sales have become smoother, the service the company provides has greatly improved and communication among the executives and staff increased dramatically.

At the end of the course, all participants asked me to deliver to them another course on my next visit. Two even requested auditing to handle personal issues!

Today, I would like to present to you a short video of the Graduation Party we held at the completion of The Effective Communication Workshop!

I hope you enjoy watching, Aviv

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