Dani Lemberger in Los Angeles, Oct. 2017, Section One

In Oct 2017, Tami and Dani Lemberger were in Los Angeles, hosted by Grace and Ken Aaron. On Oct. 25th, the Aaron’s invited many of their friends to meet with Tami and Dani. Dani told the story of Dror Center, their departure from the Church in 2012, the ensuing legal battle and, finally, the story behind the LifePower book.

Dani’s talk was recorded, in total almost two hours. For various reasons, this video was never published. We recently stumbled upon it in our archives and now bring it to you. Whoever cares about Scientology and follows the progress made by “Indies”, will find great interest in what Dani says.

To make it easier on the viewers, we edited the video, removing segments of little importance and dividing it into four sections, each dealing with a particular subject.

Section 1: 15 minutes long. Tami and Dani starting to do Scientology in 1980 and their progress up the Bridge to OT 7. Opening of Dror Center in 1992, its development until the decision to leave the Church in 2012 and expansion since.

Section 2: 24 minutes long. The lawsuit of the Lemberger’s against the Church of Scientology Int. The causes for the suit and final settlement in February 2017.

Section 3: 28 minutes long. What brought Dani to write the LifePower book. A brief description of the book, which at the time of the lecture was a draft named ‘The Route to Spiritual Freedom’.

Section 4: 19 minutes long. Questions and Answers. The audience asked many questions of Dani and was highly active throughout Dani’s talk.

Section 1:
Today, we post Section One of the lecture. Dani talks about starting to do Scientology at the COSMOD Mission, San Francisco, in 1980. Their progress up the Bridge to OT 7 and their many years as Flag public on Solo NOT’s. He tells how they opened Dror Center in 1992, its expansion up to their decision to leave the Church in 2012. Following the separation, Dror began delivering the full Bridge, including auditor training and the OT Levels and, since this lecture, also the L Rundowns. Dani describes the rapid growth of Dror Center since becoming independent.

This section is 15 minutes long. For convenience, we’ve added subtitles.
We hope you enjoy watching.

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