Hutch Says

Robert ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson is a musician and renowned drummer who started doing Scientology after he read the Dianetics book in January, 1970. After reading Book One, he came on lines at the New York Org, starting with TR’s and continuing all the way up to OT 5, Audited NOT’s, in AOLA (Advanced Org Los Angeles).

In 1985, Hutch attested to completion of OT 5 but was extremely disappointed with the poor results he received from this level. He went back to AOLA several times to repair this situation, the last time in 2009. Hutch became disappointed with the Out-Tech and no results he experienced in the Church and gave up on Scientology.

About two years ago, he heard from his close friend, Duncan Hales, about Dror Center and the great results at Dror from NOT’s processing. Duncan was a public at Flag, the Church’s highest organization, who attested to Solo NOT’s, OT 7, in 2012. Yet Duncan too witnessed the severe out-tech and no results in the Church. Duncan has been a frequent guest at Dror the last few years, and in March 2019 attested to the L 11 Rundown.

During December 2019 to January 2020, Dror Center’s lead OT Review Auditor, Aviv Bershadsky, traveled to New Jersey in order to audit a number of people. Hutch seized this opportunity to handle years of out-tech and get back on the Bridge. He received a tailor-made NOT’s Repair Program from Aviv with great wins.

Between sessions, Hutch agreed to tell Aviv his story. In the interview, Hutch talks about the out-points he witnessed in the Church and compares this to his wins from doing the auditing program with Aviv.

We hope you enjoy the interview! It is thirteen minutes long and we included subtitles for your convenience.

4 thoughts on “Hutch Says”

  1. Inspiring!
    An artist assisted to his satisfaction.
    Thanks for this. I met Tami & Dani at Gayle’s house in Clearwater and they inspired me. They are still doing so.
    I appreciate being on your mailing list.


  2. Thank you, Marcel.
    Next time we meet, I’ll do an interview with you.
    Yours is a must-hear, must-see story.
    Well done to you for years of tenacious progress.
    Thank you for the friendship and support.
    Love, Dani

  3. Thank you Hutch for your great words and your intention to gain spiritual freedom!! Looking forward to meet you❤️

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