All Winning at Dror Center

Dear friends,

We are pleased to bring you the fourth section of Dror’s Annual Graduation Party held on 4th of July, 2020. At the event, Dror’s students and preclears shared their wins. Today, we are happy to introduce four of them:

* Shahar Soref talks about her wins after attesting Clear. Shahar is advancing on Dror’s lines for many years with her entire family.

* Yaniv Berliner’s success after completing Grade Two – Relief Release, and the Org Builder Course. Yaniv began studying Scientology 22 years ago at Flag but soon left. Three years ago, he came back on Dror’s lines, rapidly moving up the Bridge.

* Shay Rozenthal sharing his wins after completing Objective Processes and the Drug Rundown. Shay is the owner of a major real estate brokerage firm in Haifa, ‘U Nehasim – Real Estate Agency’. At the event he talked about the expansion of his business as a result of going up the Bridge. He also spoke about the success of his son, Lavi, aged 5, doing the Children’s Comm Course.

* The fourth and final video shows Ilana Meshelson’s success after completing LifePower Courses and her Life Repair Program. Ilana came to Dror Center two years ago and soon realized that she wants to go up the Bridge to achieve the State of Clear. She in receiving her auditing from Carmela Weizman, who specializes in auditing new public.

The previous three sections we published are:

Section 1, posted on 31 July, 2020: The story of Emilia Benyaminov, Dror’s lead Academy Supervisor.

Section 2, posted on 14 August: Yulia Filchenko’s successes from auditing and training as an auditor.

Section 3, posted on 21 August: Vika Voland completing Audited NED for OT’s and the L11 Rundown.

We hope you enjoy watching the videos. Subtitles in English are included for your convenience.

Shahar Soref success:

Yaniv Berliner’s success:

Shay Rozenthal success:

Ilana Meshelson success:

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