Dror Graduating

Dear Friends,
Two weeks ago, we posted the first section of Dror’s Annual Graduation Party with the story of Emilia Benyaminov, our Lead Academy Supervisor.

Today, we present the second part of the event. Here, Tami Lemberger, Senior C/S, talks about the purpose of Dror’s activity and the importance of progressing on both sides of the Bridge, training and auditing. Tami then acknowledges Dror’s staff for their rapid progress up the Bridge.

One of the event’s highlights was Yulia Filchenko. In 2017, Yulia moved from Russia to join her husband Dima Dubinin in Israel. Dima is a veteran auditor at Dror and Yulia soon followed him and joined staff with a purpose to become an auditor. Yulia had to quickly learn a strange new language, Hebrew, and then train as an auditor. Yulia accomplished this in just two years and now audits preclears daily with great results.

We invite you to watch Yulia tell her story.
Since it’s in Hebrew, we added English subtitles. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Dror Graduating”

  1. Wonderful. What a wonderful place you are all creating spreading so much warmth across Israel’s border far far throughout and around.
    Thank you for the testimony Yulia and your experience with happiness. You reminded me that happiness indeed has to do with the excitement of creating your own space.
    Keep going..

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