Aviv on Tour – New Jersey 2020

Dear friends,

Aviv Bershadsky, our OT Review Auditor, just came back from New Jersey, USA. Aviv spent a month there providing services of Ron Hubbard’s Technology at a large trading company, managed by Moshe Wilbushewich.

This was Aviv’s second visit to New Jersey, with the purpose of delivering auditing to the company’s executives. On his previous visit there, in January 2020, Aviv delivered the LifePower Communication Workshop, based on The Complete Communication Manual written by Dani Lemberger.

On his recent visit of August 2020, three of the company’s executives completed Introductory Processing and the Life Repair program, while Maglen Perez completed Orientation Processing.

Moshe Wilbushewich, the company’s owner, started going up the Bridge 25 years ago at the New York Org and at Flag. He trained as a Class 4 auditor while co-auditing to Clear. Moshe left the Church when he realized there were many arbitraries at Flag and that his progress was blocked. He joined Dror Center when we left the Church in 2012, attested to the State of Clear in 2015, and continued his rapid progress on the Bridge. Now, with Aviv in New Jersey, Moshe completed OT 3.

On the last day of Aviv’s visit, the participants received their certificates and shared their wins. We invite you to watch the video of the graduation. Enjoy!

8 thoughts on “Aviv on Tour – New Jersey 2020”

  1. Fantastic Aviv!! These wins and happy faces worth letting you go away to America for such a long time !!;)

    1. Thanks Tami!

      And thank you very much for your Case Supervision for all of the guys. Your support, although from 10,000 km distance, was very felt and is much appreciated!



  2. Very good results, Aviv. These are certainly happy, in-comm people. I would like to find out more about the courses. Do you have course manuals? Or maybe to start, Dani wrote the Life Power book, which I don’t have. How do I buy that? Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Arthur,

      We surely have all the course materials for the Communication Workshop and many more!

      Eitan will be in touch with you to give you more data about the courses and the purchase of the book.



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