Tami Lemberger in Interview: Why Grades?

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Tami Lemberger has been auditing since 1981, a year after doing her first Scientology course at the San Francisco Mission in 1980. From day one, Tami realized that the best way to help other people is as a professional auditor. Since then, almost 40 years, Tami has been constantly training while auditing hundreds of pre-clears.

Tami was very determined to go for the best; thus, she did all her training at Flag under legendary Class XII C/S Richard Reiss and Capt. Debbie Cook. She became a Flag-interned Graduate Class 5 Auditor and C/S in 1998.

Tami founded Dror Center in 1992, and continues to audit and supervise Dror’s other four auditors daily, servicing over 100 pre-clears who arrive at Dror regularly from around the World. Since leaving the Church in 2012, Tami specializes on debugging cases at all levels of the Bridge, verifying the State of Clear, delivery of the OT Levels and now also auditing the fantastic L Rundowns.

Recently, our friend Viky Severin of Moscow spent a month at Dror going up the Bridge. During her visit, she did not miss the opportunity to interview Tami about the Bridge and other important data for those who want to achieve Clear and OT. This interview is divided into four sections, the first of which we present today.

In this section, Tami explains why one must go through the lower Grades before starting on New Era Dianetics. Viky asks Tami about people who have read the Dianetics book and demand auditing to achieve the State of Clear. Some of them do not understand why they have to do the Grades prior to NED and attaining Clear, which may cause an ARC break. In the interview, Tami answers this question and provides a lot of data about the Grade Chart.

This section is about 15 minutes long; it has English subtitles. We hope you enjoy watching, kindly leave your questions or comments below.

9 thoughts on “Tami Lemberger in Interview: Why Grades?”

  1. Excellent. It is really great to see Tami, her usual bright smile, her certainty and her natural love for people and life.

    Her answers were simple and clear. And I agree, every individual is different and he or she should receive what is real for him, not a robotic pattern that will end evaluating and invalidating the person’s reality.

    Thank you Tami. Thank you also to those who produced this web page.

  2. I made the mistake ( for me ) of not doing the Grades and went onto Clear and the OT Levels. It was many years before I finally did them in the field. Soo good!

    Love the Grades! ??‍♂️✨

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