Dima Dubinin is an OT 2!

Dima Dubinin

Dima Dubinin began studying Scientology at Dror Center in 1996. While training at Dror, he realized that his purpose was to help people and soon joined Dror’s staff. Dima became our Course Supervisor, doing a great job with his students enthusiastic and eager to progress up the Bridge.

While working hard in the Academy, Dima continued his studies to become an auditor. Dima did his training at the Tel Aviv Org and at the Tampa Org, Florida, up to New Era Dianetics Auditor, Class 5.

Dima is one of the most experienced auditors at Dror Center, many of his pre-clears achieving the State of Clear. Other than being an excellent auditor, Dima wears the hats of Director of Training and Purification Rundown C/S.

Dror’s staff is constantly moving up the Bridge and Dima is no exception. Last year Dima attested to the State of Clear. This year, Dima has embarked on his OT Levels; he recently did OT 1 and now attested to completion of OT 2!

After leaving the Church of Scientology in 2012, Dror’s Tech team conducted extensive research into the upper levels of the Bridge. They discovered that OT Levels 1 and 2 were altered over the years in the Church and replaced with inferior technology. Further, these levels were shortened to a point of no achievement.

Dror’s specialists made sure they had the precise original materials as Ron intended. Following consultation with senior technical terminals, some of whom worked under Ron in the 1970’s, they managed to recover the exact technology with complete certainty.

We invite you to watch Dima’s attest. Kindly leave your comments below. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Dima Dubinin is an OT 2!”

  1. I love it

    Very well done indeed! You are making case gain now that will last for more than this lifetime. Keep going – it gets even better!

  2. Tami Lemberger

    Dima – you are truly incredible! Your dedication to help others is way and beyond…since you left the church you progressed on both side of the Bridge – you managed to produce high hours and at the same time did the Graduates 5 course and CCRD Auditor!!! Keep it up Man! I love you!

  3. Josef Therling

    Dear Dima, your wins are wonderful. Your success gives me hope. I am so proud to know you all from Dror Center.

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