Yaniv Berliner Is a Pro Communicator

Yaniv Berliner

Yaniv Berliner is the perfect example of Ron Hubbard’s instruction that one should go up the Route to Spiritual Freedom on both sides – auditing and training.

Yaniv Attested to the State of Clear in July 2022. He then swiftly moved on to do both parts of the Solo Auditor Course.

However, before going on to the fantastic adventure of the Operating Thetan Levels, Yaniv decided to further progress as a professional auditor. His most recent achievement: Yaniv has completed the Professional TR’s Course.

Yaniv Berliner began his Scientology journey 25 years ago at Flag (The Church of Scientology’s top organization in Clearwater, Florida). Despite his wins with Hubbard’s Tech, he stopped studying because he could not agree with the terrible conduct and negative reputation of this organization.

After watching Tami and Dani Lemberger on a TV show in 2014, Yaniv was overjoyed to find out that Dror Center delivers Hubbard’s Tech without the Church’s oppression and perversions. He arrived at Dror and has been studying and working hard on moving up both sides of The Route to Spiritual Freedom.

In June 2022, he completed the False Purpose Rundown.

In April 2021, he completed the Student Hat Course.

In July 2020, he attested the completion of Grade 2 and the Org Builder Course.

You are invited to listen to Yaniv sharing his wins on the Pro TRs Course. English subtitles are provided.

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