Tami Lemberger – More on Exteriorization

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This is Eitan Baitner, Dror Friend’s site administrator.

Last week we published Tami’s lecture on the subject of exteriorization.
Today we present the second part of Tami’s lecture, in which Tami answers questions from the audience about this subject.

In addition to the vital data Tami provides from her vast knowledge as auditor and C/S for over thirty years, you will also hear Dani Lemberger, Dror Center’s Managing Partner, and Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s AO auditor and C/S, contributing their viewpoint based on many years of work with hundreds of public at Dror.

This section is 30 minutes long. We hope you enjoy watching it.

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1 thought on “Tami Lemberger – More on Exteriorization”

  1. I’m a Veteran Scio’ on the fence, post M’vich’s SP clone. Thank you guys for being ‘REAL’ regarding what it’s like to be OT! It’s always been a challenger to get an OT to itsa to the degree I can duplicate the actuality of one’s subjective experiences as such without them violating confidentiality which I understand could seriously ARC break those not prepared for it properly on a gradient scale. Regardless,
    I KNOW that I AM an OT as I am Life Force, elan vital, static and I AM creating in PT as I go and following the paths I postulate/d.
    Considerations are continuing postulates and I consider things all the time. Making my postulates work seems to be more like LRH describes in the Tech’ Dict’ in so many words, you put something out there then you run in to it down the road and say “oh wow, how unexpected!”… and so goes Life! Keeps existence interesting, games and all that.
    I’m liking what I’m hearing, people! Keep it up! You are bringing the Truth of Scientology out in the open where it belongs!
    And thanks Ron! You are perpetual, brother!

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