Dani Lemberger: The Use of Admin Tech


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In May 2020, Dani Lemberger gave a lecture as part of the ‘Theta-Flow’ conference. Mikhail Federov, who organized the conference, asked Dani to share with the participants his successful actions in creating and expanding Dror Center.

Dror Center was founded by Tami and Dani Lemberger in February 1992 as a Mission, under license by the Church of Scientology. In 2010, Dror Center was turned into an equal partnership of five: Aviv Bershadsky, Moti Weizman, Dima Dubinin, Tami and Dani Lemberger, each owning 20 percent.

In 2012, after thorough research by all five partners, Dror Center left the Church, seeing that this organization is in betrayal of the goals set by Ron Hubbard.

After Leaving the Church in 2012, Dani and Tami with the help of Dror’s staff, invested huge efforts to collect the entirety of Hubbard’s Technology. Dror can now deliver 100% standardly the entire Bridge, including the OT Levels and the L Rundowns. Further, in keeping with Ron’s intentions, Dror puts emphasis on Academy training to create many auditors for the future.

In this lecture, Dani shares his vast experience applying Admin Tech. He explains how Dror’s partners brought Dror Center to becoming one the world’s leading organizations delivering Ron Hubbard’s philosophy.

Enjoy the video and kindly let us have your comments and questions.
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  1. Great conference. Increased my reality on Dror and LRH admin. I specially liked to see how simple it all can be and how based on ARC.

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