Johann Schorsten’s Visit to Israel

Johann Schorsten became acquainted with Scientology at the Munich Org back in the early 1990’s. Johann still lives in Munich, yet recently came to Israel to continue his Bridge progress.

Munich, Home to Johann

Johann tells us:

“At the Munich Org, which was then a busy Org, I did some Div 6 courses, and I did my first steps on the Bridge. However, my case got stalled and it was never handled, despite me going several times to the Freewinds, to Flag and to the Milano Org.

“Last year, after I realized I could not seek help at the church, I started taking services in the independent field. Among “indie” auditors, I had some good and a few bad experiences, even with highly trained auditors. Then I heard about Dror Center, that it is a very standard group, so I decided to go there, try my luck.”

Recently, Johann came to Israel and spent 10 days at Dror Center. Johann received auditing at Dror and also progressed on his Student Hat Course. Here is a letter we just received from Johann:

“Dror is a very safe space and a very good place to do the Bridge at. I found the staff and the public of Dror to be very much in ‘Present Time’. I have been a few times to Flag and on the Freewinds. These are very nice places, but the staff and the public were not as relaxed and as free as those at Dror.

“Although the price of auditing at Dror is lower, the staff does not have to moonlight. They enjoy their time off.

“The auditing at Dror is very smooth. You feel your needle is clean after session; there is no residual charge left. Although I received auditing on the Grades, we finished every session with a persistent F/N. One day, I could not go in session at all because of a persistent Floating TA. I took a beautiful hiking trip on Mount Carmel with my auditor.

Mount Carmel Hiking Bridge

“Between sessions I could go to the Academy to study. Although the org is small, they have 2 fully-trained course supervisors. I made very good progress on my Student Hat course which I started 15 years ago in Munich Org. At that time, I did it 5 months full time and didn’t progress as much. Here at Dror I feel I can finish it in checksheet time. It’s a big change!

“Israel is a very safe country to be in. People in Israel let you be what you are, no matter what you have. I lived in the house of Dima, a staff member, next to a beautiful and long beach. I enjoyed the Israeli food; it’s very healthy and tasty.

“I am happy to find an org like Dror. After many, many years it is the first time that I’m not worrying about my case, which is a great feeling. I am looking forward to going back and doing the next steps on the Bridge at Dror.”

10 thoughts on “Johann Schorsten’s Visit to Israel”

  1. Well done Johann, well done Dror.
    So nice to hear true stories, told straight from the heart, without any “artificial enforcement”.
    Dror, the tech, and any spiritual or mental practice has value as long as it brings freedom,
    improvement, truth, and…FUN. In the long run, these things go together, and if even one of them is found missing, one should check what’s wrong.
    Have fun Johann, keep improving and go free!!

  2. Good for your Johann for toughing it out and finding the right place. And thank god there are places like the Dror Center where people get the gains they expect and more.

  3. Well done Johann! Your success story is very real for me. Keep going up the Bridge and enjoy from Scientology!

  4. Very good story, Johann. I am so glad to hear of your good experiences at the Dror Center. It confirms my idea that it is a very good place to send people who want to go up the bridge, regardless of what has happened to them in the past.

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