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Dror Center recently published its latest magazine, providing a summary of its activity for 2013.
We, Free Scientologists in Israel, are pleased to see that the activity of independent Scientology in Israel is expanding, so we decided to translate and post Dror’s news.
Good reading, the editors

באנר-עיתון-דרורSummary of 2013

What an amazing year we had! It was a year of development, growth and many accomplishments for the public of Dror.

A brief overview about us. Dror Center delivers Scientology courses and processes to the public for over 20 years. We work strictly according to the applied spiritual philosophy developed by L. Ron Hubbard. Dror Center makes it possible for a person to realize his great potential. Through the application of the knowledge of Ron Hubbard to his own life, a person can change himself and raise his abilities.

Until June 2012, Dror operated as part of the organization known as the “Church of Scientology”. The last few years have shown that this organization strayed from the path outlined by Ron Hubbard and altered his body of knowledge. Therefore, the Dror team decided two years ago to resign from the “Church of Scientology” and since then we operate independently. In these two years we have gained the knowledge required to deliver all the levels developed by Hubbard. Dror Center continues to expand and allows everyone to advance on “The Bridge to Total Spiritual Freedom”, just as Ron Hubbard intended.

In this issue you will find the main events that occurred in the past year.

Statistics … For Real

גרף-300x194The most important statistic of Dror Center is attendance: the number of people who receive services at Dror during a month. Before we left the church we reached a peak, in April 2012 we had 51 people on lines.

Upon our resignation from the church, in July 2012, a vicious campaign was initiated against us, in an attempt to shut us down. Our friends were intimidated and pressured to leave us. As a result, the number of attendees decreased to 33 in October 2012.

With hard work, standard application of LRH’s technology, real caring and excellent service, we are expanding steadily.

We made it! In December 2013 we returned to the peak of 51 people receiving services at Dror.

The full article was published on 10 November 2013 on Mike Rinder’s Blog.

Clears ‘Made in Israel’

During the past year, members of Dror Center progressed rapidly towards achieving the State of Clear.

We proudly introduce the Clears of 2013!

Don Schaul
Moti Weizman
Galit Latinsky
Adi Schaul
Vika Voland
Pavel Shahar

Clear: A person who is willingly and knowingly in a position of cause over his life, his body and his environment. The idea of clearing people is simply to make them more capable, especially to increase their creativity and their endurance. A Clear has no reactive mind that affects him adversely. (Ron Hubbard)

Reactive Mind: The reactive mind is that part of the mind of the person which is not under his control. The reactive mind adversely exerts power and strength over the thoughts, the impulses and the physical condition of the person.

Advanced Levels

Once a person has reached the State of Clear, he moves on toward the Advanced Levels. When a person is Clear, he has no reactive mind of his own, but is still affected by other areas of his life, such as those close to him, the society in which he lives, or the physical universe. On the Advanced Levels the person handles these areas. As he progresses on these levels, he becomes more and more cause over the areas of his life and thus he is free to set and achieve any goal he desires.

Participants on the advanced levels tell us:

Eyal, Adv.

“I feel calm, I am progressing and can achieve my goals in the short term. Many thanks to Dror Center and to Ron Hubbard for discovering these materials, it’s really unbelievable.”

Aviv Bershadsky, Auditor at Dror Center

“The process is amazing! I feel my body is weightless. I look at life from an exterior perspective. I am determined to succeed. Life is beautiful. Thanks to Tami and Ron Hubbard.”

Hemi Benvenisti, Owner of “Piano World”

“I am in a different place, in a space very wide and clean. I’m experiencing an inspiring silence. My viewpoint on everything is different, both mentally and physically. My ability to create intentions is sharper, penetrating farther and everything is quiet, without fanfare, yet with a huge inner smile.”

Main Events

Silvia Llorens’s visit to Dror.

Silvia, Tsipi and Hemi
Silvia, Tsipi and Hemi

In March 2013, Dror Center hosted Silvia Llorens, who served for many years as a Class IX Auditor and Cramming Officer at the Flag Service Organization. At Flag, Silvia was in charge of training the top auditors and C/S’s. Silvia left Flag in 2007 after seeing the serious irregularities there. Silvia worked with us for about a month and a half to ensure 100% standard delivery of the Advanced Levels.

Read Silvia’s letter here. To view the video, click here.

Ron’s Original Bridgel-ron-hubbard1-150x150

The exact Bridge, which is based on the original materials of Hubbard, was restored after extensive research. This Bridge shows the advanced levels that Ron researched and gave us in their proper order, and other processes currently available in Israel. The Bridge rehabilitation project was carried out by the technical staff of the Free Scientologists Israel: Tami Lemberger, Aviv Bershadsky, Don Schaul and dozens around the world that enabled us to complete the task.


Academy – Solo Course

Last November, Dror Center held a seminar of the Solo Auditor course. We delivered intensive training for two weeks from morning until evening. During these two weeks we studied theory, learned how to operate the E-Meter and practiced how to give solo processes.

(The E-Meter is a device used in the delivering of processes to another person or to the person himself. The E-Meter makes it possible to locate areas of emotional charge and the source of mental difficulties a person is experiencing).


Tami and Dani in the United States

In July 2013, Tami and Dani conducted an extensive tour to the United States. During the visit they met with dozens of Scientologists, most of them senior technical people who served many years as auditors and supervisors in the highest Scientology organizations. Some even worked directly with Ron Hubbard.

In these meetings, Tami acquired essential technical materials and drilled the delivery of levels which so far were not available in Israel. Thanks to these efforts, Dror Center delivers today all the Bridge exactly according to Ron Hubbard.

Read the full story: Grand Tour of the Indies 2013


A Guest from the United States – Moshe Wilbushewich

Ori has recently arrived at Dror Center to return to the Bridge. Ori came from New Jeresy, USA. Ori owns one of the largest companies in the U.S. that imports and distributes rugs.

Ori started doing Scientology in 1989 but had to leave the church after he was barred from progressing. Now, Ori came to Dror Center to get auditing.

Ori shares his feelings: “It was so much fun to get back on the Bridge. It is a great experience to come to Dror Center and continue what I started 22 years ago. I’m glad I found my organization, my new home. Dror Center implements standard technology accurately and provides superior service and caring. At Dror, the only pressure is to move me on the Bridge, without any other consideration. I would like to thank Dror’s staff for their activities to ensure the Bridge is available to everyone and I want to thank Ron Hubbard for his wonderful technology.”

For the full article click here.

The Personal Integrity Program

We are pleased to announce a new service at Dror Center – the Personal Integrity Program!

This program was developed in the 70s under the guidelines of Ron Hubbard. Senior auditors who worked with Ron deliver the program in the United States and recently we learned how to deliver it.

The Personal Integrity Program allows a person to apply the tools of Ethics in his life. The program does not enforce on the person the needs of the environment or the goals of others. On this program, the person finds the factors blocking his success and that are preventing him from fulfilling his goals.

The result of the program is a man with sharp thinking with which his doingness becomes more efficient and constructive. His ability is improved and he achieves much better results in all areas of life.

Here are some success stories of people who have done the program:

“This program helped me focus my point of view and stabilize the up trend in my business. During the process I learned to apply conditions skillfuly and quickly. Additionally, I realized that when I implement the correct condition which I am in, I move up to affluence immediately. I would like to thank Tami for her dedicated work”. P.S.

“I had a difficulty and a barrier in life that I haven’t realized . This situation bothered me very much. On this program I got the real reason behind this difficulty. It is amazing. This is my new birthday! Thank you very much.” H.A.

“I came to the program during a crisis stemming from a big game I initiated and pushed forward without success. The beginning of the process was difficult but fascinating. That is because I found myself soul searching and faced with tough questions that became clear during the process. I feel at peace with the decision to do this process. I want to thank Aviv who went with me through the journey and gave me the space to look .” O.S.

“The process really strengthened my beingness. I stopped invalidating myself. I feel more stable and people around me feel it and act differently toward me. I continue to work towards achieving my goals. I would like to thank Dima for delivering the program to me.” S.K.

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