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Executive Freedom English Book V1

People come to Dror Center when they seek improvement in their lives. With Ron Hubbard’s wide array of technologies, Dror can help people in their personal lives, with family relations, raising happy children and even lead them to success and prosperity in their businesses.

The Route to Spiritual Freedom contains many ways to enhance all facets of life, offering a wide range of tools that work to make the individual more able.

Hubbard focused on Administrative Technology consisting of treasures of knowhow designed to enhance one’s professional field. Hubbard wrote over ten volumes detailing the arts of management, organization, leadership, and administration. Dani Lemberger studied Hubbard’s Tech over many years and successfully founded and led Dror Center to outstanding achievements. He compiled Hubbard’s Admin Tech and his vast experience in its application into one book, Executive Freedom.

Of the many executives and business owners who study and receive auditing at Dror, four have recently shared with us their successes. They describe how the technology has helped them in their professions.

These are:

  • Cfiri Winehouse, Customer Support Manager,
    United Medical Services
  • Nataly Mishal, Owner,
    Mishal Cosmetics Clinic
  • Shay Rozental, Founder,
    U Properties
  • Ayman Masri, CEO,
    D-Light Lamps

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