Salvis Spruzs – More on LifePower Riga

Dror Center recently enjoyed a deluge of visitors from Riga, Latvia.

First, it was Kaspars Cveigelis, co-founder of LifePower Riga and its General Manager. Kaspars was here to continue his auditing and hatting as an executive. Kaspars translated the LifePower Library to Latvian which forms the basis for all courses delivered there.

Then came Gatis Drevins, co-founder and top technical expert – Academy Supervisor and Auditor. Gatis did his training to deliver the Purification Rundown (there are now four pre-clears in Riga waiting for the Purif RD), completed an internship on the Life Repair Auditor Course and honed his excellent skills as Lead Academy Sup.

Third to come and go was Salvis Spruzs who just half a year ago joined the team. Salvis came to LP Riga to do the Effective Communication Course, loved it, and decided to share his life-changing wins with others. Salvis received the Life Repair Program from Gatis and studied and drilled to become a Professional Academy Supervisor. With Salvis in the Academy, Gatis can now significantly increase the auditing hours he delivers each week.

Salvis was interviewed by our auditor and supervisor Yulia Filchenko, kindly join us.

5 thoughts on “Salvis Spruzs – More on LifePower Riga”

  1. Tami+Lemberger

    Sorry I missed you here in Haifa, Salvis.
    Your wins are great!
    Very well done for doing all you do in Riga with Gatis and Kaspars!!
    Much love,

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