Prague Seminar – Your Mind’s Efficiency

In March 2023, Dani Lemberger spent a week in Prague, Czech Republic, for the occasion of opening a LifePower center there.

While in Prague, Dani delivered two seminars. The first, given on 17th March, is titled, Basics of Life – Your Mind’s Efficiency. It is based on Dani’s book, LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life. In this seminar, Dani presents the spirit as the essence of life and then explains the two parts of the mind – the Aware and the Reactive Mind – and how our traumas affect us. At the end of the seminar, the attendees co-audited the Recall Processes with great wins.

All the data for this seminar is derived from Ron Hubbard’s books – Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health and Self-Analysis.

The following day, 18th March, Dani delivered a second seminar, Basics of Life – Your Group’s Prosperity. This seminar is based on Dani’s book, Executive Freedom, which is taken from Hubbard’s vast writings on organization and ethics.

Both seminars were recorded on video and after much editing, we can now bring to you the first seminar. At the seminar, Ondra Schicker translated to Czech for the participants who are not fluent in English. Also, much time was spent on answering questions and giving examples. With all this removed, we now have a video of about 40 minutes which we bring to you in four sections.

Today we post Section One which covers:
• The Three Components of an Individual – Spirit, Mind, Body;
• How these components interact;
• The single purpose of life and what is the goal of LifePower.
We’ve added subtitles for your convenience.

At the seminar, we handed out to the participants a booklet with an overview of the data covered. You may download this booklet here.

Enjoy and feel free to forward to whomever may be interested.

4 thoughts on “Prague Seminar – Your Mind’s Efficiency”

  1. Ivana Luštincová

    Thank you Dani for the seminar. It was really great!! You gave us so much theta and energy for Life Power Prague. It is a great time. Yesterday we delivered the first communication seminar! Thank you, thank Dima and Igor. Ivana.

    1. Dani+Lemberger

      Dear Ivana,
      You and Veronika are doing a great job in forwarding Hubbrd’s Tech in Prague.
      It’s an honor working with you on developing the LifePower Center in Prague.
      Thanks for all you’re doing, Dani

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