Dror Center Goes Free 2012


Dani Lemberger, Dror Center, Haifa, Israel

11 July 2012

Dear friends, fellow Scientologists,

The History of the Attached Letter

The writing of the attached letter, “Assignment of Treason Condition – David Miscavige,” was completed by Dani Lemberger and the execs of Dror Center on 10 June 2012. The planned date of release was 4 July 2012, upon the return of Tami and Dani from the U.S.

Tami and Dani went to New York on 15 June. On 20 June we flew to Corpus Christi, Texas, where we spent 8 days with Marty and Monique Rathbun. We enjoyed fabulous hospitality and continued there our research of “independent Scientology”. We flew to Tampa on 28 June, planning to spend a few days with close friends in Clearwater and to go in for scheduled interviews at Flag on 30 June.

When we landed at Tampa airport, on 28 June at 8pm, we were handed a letter by Flag HCO, informing us that we had been declared SP’s. We have never seen the SP Declare itself. Our friends in CW were notified of the ‘declare’ earlier that afternoon, so they could not let us stay at their home. At midnight we checked into a hotel in CW.

We could not meet any of our “old” friends in CW, but made new friends with Mike Rinder, Christie Collbran and mighty Jack King Rinder. The Rinder’s made us feel at home and introduced us to many more “indies”, loyal Scientologists who had to flee the church so as to practice Scientology peacefully and honestly.

Obviously, many of the planned recipients of this letter will not read it now, since those cowed by the church are not allowed to receive any communications from us. We are proud and relieved to be part of the rapidly expanding “indie” movement. It is painful to lose friends of many years but our many new friends are courageous and of high integrity and we share the goal of making Scientology available to all.

The days of monopolies and tyrants are over. Now, even in the Middle East. Bashar al-Assad is butchering his people so as to hold on to power over the ruins of Syria. Miscavige is ‘declaring’ half of Scientologists so as to maintain his stranglehold on the other half – dazed, confused and ignorant. Zinedine Ben Ali, Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi are gone. Assad and Miscavige will soon follow.

My dear friend, please allow me your time and read the attached letter. Pass it on to all your friends. We are the friends of L. Ron Hubbard, the greatest friend of Mankind.

Love, Dani Lemberger 4 July 2012

An Open Letter to All Scientologists

Please find attached our letter to the International Justice Chief and to Mr. David Miscavige, COB RTC.

Several letters sent previously have remained unanswered.

Miscavige refuses to be in comm, refuses to be accountable, refuses to tell us truthfully what is going on. Those writing previous letters were subjected to stiff ‘Ethics’ and accused of spreading ‘entheta’ and creating ARC breaks within the group. We were told by OSA and Ethics Officers that Miscavige is ‘our leader,’ cannot be questioned and that we must not read the internet. Also, that the IAS is, “COB’s financial arm for financing Scientology” and thus must be supported.

This totalitarian ‘logic’ is unacceptable to us, hence our action in putting ethics in on Miscavige. We ask that you read the attached letter and decide for yourself what is true.
If you, fellow Scientologist, agree with what we say, please put it in writing. If we all unite in putting ethics in, we will win. We will save Scientology and we will see renewed expansion and rapid progress towards a Cleared Planet.

We, the undersigned, may promptly be subjected to an “SP declare” by Miscavige and his underlings. Rather, we request an open and unbiased investigation be held which will look into Miscavige’s actions and stats. Such investigation should also be free to investigate the undersigned, our motives and statistics.

We regret any hardship brought upon those reading this or upon our friends who now have to contend with a mighty Doubt Condition. If we are declared, our love and compassion is extended to friends who will be forced into severing ties with us. This is the doing of a paranoid. It is not as intended by Ron, the greatest friend of mankind, our only leader.

Our comfort lies in continuing to serve Ron, clearing the planet, helping our fellows and knowing that “truth always in the end prevails.”

This write-up is presented humbly to all Scientologists with a prayer for a better Scientology and a better world.

Written and signed by the staff of Dror Center: Eitan Beitner, Aviv Bershadsky, Dima Dubinin, Dani Lemberger, Tami Lemberger, Shahar Soref, Moti Weizman, Carmela Weizman
Supported by the public and friends of Dror Center. 4 July 2012

Dror Center
Who are We?

Dror Center (Dror = ‘Freedom’ in Hebrew) was founded in 1992 by Tami and Dani Lemberger as a field group which later became a Mission. They opened Dror after spending 2 years at Flag, training and doing their OT Levels, both getting onto OT 7. Tami trained as an auditor and C/S, while Dani trained as an Exec, Ethics Officer and Course Supervisor.

The establishing of Dror was greatly assisted by Tami’s father, Yuval Wilbush, who became an enthusiastic Scientologist in 1988. Yuval donated the premises where the Mission operates to this day.

Dror Center has expanded steadily and now has 8 full-time staff and over 50 public. Dror is a partnership of its five execs, each holding 20% of it. Our goal has always been to get people up the Bridge – both sides. We deliver auditing to Clear, including FPRD and NED, and operate a Purif Center. We have an Academy where public train on Life Improvement Courses, the Basics, Student Hat, PTS/SP Course and more.

We have always pushed our public to move on to higher orgs, working closely with Tel Aviv Org, AOSH EU and Flag. We have won many awards for being Top FSM’s and for our contribution to the expansion of Scientology. Many of our public have joined staff at TAV Org and the Sea Org.

Our auditors have won numerous awards as Top International Auditors and as Top Auditors for Europe and Israel. We are proud of our achievements and intend to continue working to achieve Ron’s vision of a New Civilization and a Cleared Planet.

We believe that Dror comes close to a Scientology activity as described by Ron in “The Ideal Org” and in many other policies. Our public enjoys coming here for totally Standard Tech, friendly service and a distraction-free environment. We have never demanded they pay ‘memberships’ or join staff. Our staff is professional, well-paid and we do not allow moon-lighting. Our premises are well-kept and just the size necessary for the volume of public and delivery. In the HGC, we have installed an advanced look-in system that guarantees Standard Tech.

Our observation, over the past few years, is that the Church has now become an obstacle to achieving the goals of Ron rather than a safe route to travel up the Bridge. This is clearly the doing of one man, David Miscavige. Thus we demand his immediate resignation. We have communicated our concerns many times, yet never got a response.

Worse, those writing were sent to “Ethics” on wild charges. Some may say we are crazy, others applaud us as courageous.

We are acting under the weight of responsibility for the future of Scientology.

Dror Center – Scientology Mission of Haifa, Israel
P O Box 15, Haifa, Israel 31000
Tel: 972-4-867 2788; Fax: 972-4-866 4871; E-mail:info@drorcenter.co.il

4 July 2012
To: International Justice Chief
Mr. David Miscavige, COB RTC

Assignment of Treason Condition – David Miscavige

We, the undersigned, staff of Dror Center, Scientology Mission of Haifa, Israel, have convened and after thorough review, have determined that David Miscavige, who currently holds the post of COB RTC, is in the Condition of Treason.

We have been staff and active Scientologists for many years. Our goal is a cleared planet and broad dissemination of Standard Tech. This has not been happening over the past years. In fact, management actions under Miscavige have caused the Church to stray away from its goals.

Our action of assigning such condition is based on numerous LRH references, including the following:

1. HCOPL 7 Feb 1965, KSW 1, Keeping Scientology Working



“So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

2. HCOPL 20 October 1967, Conditions, How to Assign. Section: “RECIPROCITY”

“It is more than policy that one gets the condition he fails to correctly and promptly assign and enforce.

“It’s a sort of natural law. If you let your executives goof off and stay in, let us say, a Danger condition, yet you don’t assign and enforce one, they will surely put YOU in Danger condition whether it gets assigned or not.

“Remember that when your finger falters ‘on the trigger.’

“That natural law stems from this appalling fact.

“We didn’t, a long, long time ago, get in ethics. We goofed. And the whole race went into the soup where it remains to this day.”

3. The Way to Happiness, Precept 10

“Support a Government Designed and Run For All the People. …

Government organized and conducted solely for self-interested individuals and groups gives the society a short life span. … But one can raise his voice in caution when such abuses are abroad. … The way to happiness is hard to travel when shadowed with the oppression of tyranny.”

In the attached document we list numerous LRH references which are grossly violated by Miscavige’s management. We have also summarized our findings and observations which are the basis of our determination that Miscavige is in Treason on his post, though probably in Confusion on the First Dynamic.

Based on the assignment of Treason Condition to Miscavige, we demand that Miscavige immediately resign the post of COB and leave any managerial position. We expect that all Church property that may be on his name, be turned over to the Church.

A new ED Int, competent and loyal to the group, should be allowed to run the Church. RTC should retain its original mission, as given on its web-site, “RTC thus became the church responsible for the protection of the religion and its public by ensuring the standard application of Mr. Hubbard’s technologies.” RTC must pull out of running orgs and bypassing org Tech and Admin senior execs.
All SP Declares of the past 30 years should be cancelled as most of them were politically motivated by Miscavige. Disconnection must be rescinded, as LRH himself directed, so the cruelty of destroying families and friendships no longer darkens our face.

Following this, senior and active Scientologists must work together to formulate an organizational structure and required institutions that will guarantee the ever-lasting, stable and rapid expansion of Scientology, the only ‘Applied Spiritual Philosophy’ ever available to Mankind.

Dror Center – Scientology Mission of Haifa, Israel

4 July 2012
Assignment of Treason Condition – David Miscavige

Some LRH references which are grossly violated by Miscavige, and our findings and observations which are the basis of the assignment of Treason Condition are detailed below.

This is partial and there is much more damage committed by Miscavige.

1. The IAS:

To the best of our knowledge, the IAS was created by management in 1984, not based on any LRH instructions. This would be fine if its activities were aligned with other LRH policies and if it operated in a way that is transparent and to the benefit of Scn, as agreed by Scientologists and not at the whims of one man.

The major policies that cover memberships are:

1.1 HCOPL 22 March 1965, Current Promotion … Membership Rundown

“There are two memberships – The International annual Membership…The Lifetime Membership…The lifetime Membership costs $75 ….”

We know of no LRH reference that covers IAS “statuses” or a rate of $5,000 for a Lifetime Membership.

1.2 HCOPL 1 Sept 1965 Memberships.

“It all goes into the HCO Book Account in the area the membership is bought … Membership monies go to dissemination.”

Very simple, very clear.

Miscavige has turned the IAS into his personal fund that collects for him millions of dollars. No one knows how much is taken in and what it is spent on. No accountability, no participation of the membership who have donated the money and work hard to keep Scn working. Complete violation of K-R-C and teamwork.

We have proposed that the IAS be organized as local chapters, each connected to a central org. Half of the money collected would remain at the local IAS office to support local activities. The other half goes to IAS Int to fund global projects. Local chapters would be run by a council elected by local members and Org execs. IAS Int monies would be spent by a council that will report data openly to all members.

IAS Statuses are just trickery to get money for nothing. There should only be annual memberships at a low rate, $200 per year. Thus we know how many members we actually have and this figure should be published for each chapter and for IAS Int. People will be encouraged to donate more to fund projects and will be thanked for their help.

1.3 HCOPL 24 February 1964, Org Programming. Section: SOLVE IT WITH SCIENTOLOGY

“If the org slumps during this transition period, don’t engage in “fund raising” or “selling postcards” or borrowing money.

“Just make more income with Scientology.

“It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.”

To make things worse, staffs at Orgs, Missions and even the Sea Org are now made to donate their meager salaries to the IAS and spend much of their time regg’ing for the IAS and off their posts.

2. “Ideal Org” Project:

Over the past years, the Church of Scientology, under Miscavige’s management, has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on the purchase of huge buildings and their lavish renovation under a program called the “ideal org” project. These buildings have been purchased in tens of cities around the planet.

This project is starkly contrary to LRH policy. Based on data available to us, we have concluded that this project has caused Scientology huge damage. Violations and damages are:

2.1 HCOPL 23 Sept 1970, Quarters, Policy Regarding, Historical

This policy is grossly disregarded in the “ideal org” project.


Huge, expensive buildings, which cannot be paid for by the org, push it into non-viability. Even when the org pays no rent or mortgage it must still pay real estate taxes, maintenance and bills.

Section B. states: “Quarters must be close to ample and cheap student and pc housing, restaurants and transport.” We know this is not the fact for many “ideal orgs.” London Org is a good example as is the “Alhambra” building in Jaffa, Tel Aviv.

Section C.: “Image is a secondary consideration.” And, “Staff pay and food and cheap student housing do more for an org than a posh building.”

It seems to us that most buildings were purchased with image being the dominant consideration.

Section E.: “Expensive office equipment is not a first priority.” “Furniture quality does not influence production.”

Section G.: “Scientology supports Scientology orgs and we learn this over and over.”

Our orgs have become obsessed with fund-raising and purchasing of new buildings with little attention and resources dedicated to moving the public up the Bridge.

2.2 HCOPL 12 March 1975, The Ideal Org

This policy, by its name, should have been the basis for the “ideal org” project run by Miscavige. But only its name has been taken, with disregard to the content and spirit of this policy. All of this policy is grossly violated. Comparing it to the current scene makes one sad.

One point is, “The staff would be well paid because they were productive.” Org staffs are paid dismal salaries. In most countries this is illegal since current staff salaries are well below legal minimum wages.

The orgs are burdened by too many staff relative to public on lines. Untrained public are recruited to staff and are then a strain on the few org staff that are producing. The few upstat staff are over-worked and underexchanged and ultimately leave staff. Those who stay are forced to “moonlight” or live off of spouses and relatives. This makes us all look bad, parasitical, criminal.

Orgs have spent much time and money to train competent staff members, but then they are sent off to hold wog jobs because the orgs cannot pay decent salaries.

2.3 HCOPL 27 December 1963, The “Magic” of Good Management

This policy too is a dream that never came true. Section E., for example, talks of “The atmosphere of an Organization.” It says, “The spirit of Scientology is one of help…, a hope of getting onward, the one possible escape from the condemnation of this place. … It’s an offer to be born again.” Very moving words from Ron, currently unfulfilled in most orgs.

And Ron concludes this section with, “The atmosphere of Scientology is a lot more important than new buildings and modern furniture.”

2.4 Who owns the buildings?

The total value of real estate owned by the Church of Scientology world-wide is in the billions of dollars. Who does all this belong to?

The Alhambra building in Tel Aviv is still registered on the name of Attorney Gur Finkelstein (who is in jail for attempted murder and for setting the building on fire) on behalf of SIRT (Scn Int Reserve Trust). Who is SIRT? Who does it belong to? Other buildings are also registered on lawyers’ names who represent various corporations.

Our guess is, it all goes back to Miscavige. He probably owns our property and can take it away from us whenever he so wishes. We may be wrong, so we who donated the money to buy the buildings, demand transparency and an honest accounting of the finances and the ownership of our assets.

3. Destruction of our Orgs

Our Class 5 Orgs, around the world, are in a miserable condition. Mostly empty with staffs overworked and unpaid, staffs not moving up the Bridge, org execs powerless to do anything about it, they are made to look bad by a management that makes nothing of them.

Miscavige lies to us blatantly at events, talking of “Central Orgs” and displaying flashy graphics of “orgs” with arrows going out around them, supposedly field activities they open or control. In fact, the orgs are central to nothing since they are constantly bypassed.

There are just too many references about allowing local management to manage, about not bypassing habitually, about promoting leadership at all levels. Some of the most obviously violated policies are:

3.1. HCOPL 28 Feb 1966, Danger Condition Data – Why Organizations Stay Small


Ron explains,

“… Russia currently starving … Russia seeks to run the individual. … they won’t leave a manager alone – to manage – they govern his workers.” Russia has since ditched “central planning”. We are still stuck with it. Our org ED’s are powerless, docile, on post only if they have no initiative and no demand for authority. No wonder they and their staffs are starving or go outside on “moonlighting.”

Not clear yet? Ron makes it even simpler,

“Thus bypass by the heads of a big organization of the heads of its internal small organizations works toward Non-Existence. It is really quite simple.””To make an org get smaller all one has to do is bypass the subgroups and run the individuals only and the org will collapse …; NO MATTER HOW BRIGHT ITS MANAGER … OR HOW HARD HE WORKS ….” And history has plenty examples of brilliant rulers who brought ruin upon their nations or organizations.

3.2 HCOPL 19 January 1966, Danger Condition, Responsibilities of Declaring

“If you start doing the work of a post on a by-pass, … you unmock the people who should be doing the work.” And, “If an executive habitually bypasses, he or she will then become overworked. Also the condition of Non-Existence will occur.”

Our org execs are totally by-passed and are not granted any decision-making authority. As a result they are in Non-E, and worse, the orgs are rapidly vanishing.

3.3 HCOPL 27 December 1963, The “Magic” of Good Management

The current scene with our orgs fully contradicts this policy. Some points are:

“A. Established Patterns –

Follow established patterns of the org. Don’t keep breaking them up (or distracting personnel on post) with new projects and wild ideas. And don’t follow them so Simple Simon that there’s no initiative ever displayed in handling org problems.”

One rarely sees org execs who are allowed any initiative. And currently orgs are mainly busy with reg’ing for the IAS or madly recruiting to fill some wild quotas for the “ideal org.” What does all this have to do with stable expansion of their orgs?

“B. Upgrade Staff Status –

“See that people want to work for the org and make it a pleasant and happy thing to work for the org. … Make it worthwhile to be on staff. Permanent staff membership should be a  coveted status and an enduring career. … And treat them with courtesy and respect.”

We don’t know of any org where this is the scene.

“C. Service –

“Be sure service gets rendered. … Give good service. Give the people what they came for.”

Many public we know refuse to go into the org for fear of being chased by reg’es and recruiters.

“D. Malcontents –

“See that the place stays clean of entheta and natter. … If they have a real complaint they’d talk to the management, not everybody else.”

We’ve tried many times to talk or write to management.

Yet we’ve never been given a response, especially not by Miscavige who just refuses to be in comm. The substitute has been tough ethics, intended to intimidate so you don’t even dare think of communicating again.

3.4 HCOPL 2 June 1965, Org Ethics and Tech


Raising money for the IAS has become a real nuisance. Recruiting to staff of people obviously not qualified, results in Dev-T, wasted efforts and no service to public but just a pretended productivity. We were even told the orgs now have a new stat – donations raised for the IAS.

3.5 HCOPL 31 Jan 1983, The Reason for Orgs


3.6 LRH ED 131 INT of 8 Dec 1970

“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is welltrained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.”

And, “Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”

Since 2006 Tel Aviv Org has not completed the training of a single Field or Mission auditor. This situation is probably true the world over.

3.7 Flag and AO’s

With the release of the Golden Age of Tech in 1996, we were promised fast and totally on-source training that will now open the way to planetary clearing. With this, RTC inspectors were posted in the AO’s and at Flag, supposedly to ensure “pure” application of Standard Tech.

In fact, the inspectors now run the AO’s and Flag, by-passing the senior tech terminals of the AO’s. All major actions, such as signing a checksheet for the Metering Course or a Class 4 internship are done by RTC inspectors.

Also, Clear attest at the end of CCRD, Eligibility for OT levels, completion of OT levels are now signed off by the RTC Inspector even though there is no LRH reference for this and the checksheets themselves state “Senior C/S” signature.

Thus, the Senior C/S’s of AO’s and Flag are bypassed, knocked aside, humiliated, and their authority stripped away.

This also creates a hidden data line. One never knows who made a decision, who actually gave you a “pass” or rejected your application for OT levels. The purpose of the inspectors is clearly there to maintain total loyalty to Miscavige and his control over our Bridge progress, both sides.

3.8 KSW No. 9, “Closing the door on any possibility of incorrect technology”

It’s been about 8 years now that the Academy Levels and the Grades as delivered at Flag are different from those delivered at the other AO’s and Class 5 Orgs. This is excused as “Pilot” and is “confidential”, but keeps us in mystery as to what is going on and debases the validity of training and auditing in the orgs, since “soon” it will all change.

Even the Metering Course at the orgs requires for its completion a video pass on TR 4/8-Q1, while at Flag a much lower gradient is demanded, a pass on e-meter drill 26. Also, Academy Levels have been shortened at Flag and Grades checklists are shorter at Flag.

The Class 4 Internship at Flag requires a pass on TR 4/8-Q1, whereas in most orgs the requirement is a pass on a session video, a much tougher gradient.

No wonder training and Grades auditing at Flag are “magically” faster. But how comes we have had for many years TWO “Standard Techs”?

We thought LRH meant ONE standard Tech!

We are now waiting in suspense for the imminent release of Golden-Age-of-Tech II.

3.9 The Drying up of Our Fields

Dror Center has been paying for the past 20 years 10% of its income to Management. We have received nothing in return – no advertising, no promotion, no support. Same goes for all field auditors, Missions, WISE consultants, Applied Scholastics activities. Field auditors and missions are viewed as “competition” to the orgs and are not encouraged or assisted in any way. Very few young auditors are joining our ranks. Our academies are empty and there are very few new auditors being trained or opening new practices.

4. Promises

Levy Eshkol was prime minister of Israel in the 1960′s. When he ran for office, he made many promises to voters about future projects. After he was elected it was business-as-usual. When asked about it, he said, “yes, I made promises, but I never promised to keep my promises.” Miscavige has made us countless promises, most unkept. A sampling:

4.1 Superpower –

The groundbreaking ceremony took place at Flag over 20 years ago with a promise this incredible tech will bring about planetary clearing. Superpower was soon-to-be-released 20 years ago. Where is it?

4.2 Release of OT 9, 10 –

These advanced levels were soon-to-be released many times, many years ago. Where are they?

4.3 Saint Hill Size Orgs and Universe Corps –

We were told years ago that new SH Size Orgs will be announced at every event and soon all orgs will be SH size. All SH size orgs will have Universe Corps that will take all staff to OT. Where is it?

This promise was dumped and now we have “Ideal Orgs” whose only stat is “Sq. Ft.” Yet SH Size Orgs were quantified by LRH in stats of real production – public on lines, WDAH, etc. Rather than production stats we now have buildings stats. Sorry, not what was promised.

4.4 Fighting Psychiatry –

How many times has Miscavige promised us the imminent demise/eradication/annihilation/evaporation of psychiatry? But now we are still threatened they are about to shut us down unless we donate zillions to the IAS. So what happened to our fight against psychiatry? How come there are still more psychs and shrinks than auditors?

4.5 New Scientology Dictionary –

It’s been maybe ten years already, that on a Maiden Voyage, we were shown the full production line-up and work done to prepare the new Scn Dictionary. Printing of the old Tech Dictionary was suspended. What happened? The old dictionary is being reprinted, with BTB’s even, and no word of the new one.

4.6 Clearing the Planet –

Imminent clearing of the planet was prophesized countless times – at the release of the KTL/LOC courses, at the release of the GAT, at the release of the Basics. And yet we are no closer than we were 30 or 50 years ago. What’s gone wrong? Why aren’t we making it?

See HCOPL 8 Feb 1968, Statistic Rationalization, “The only reason stats are down, ever, is because somebody didn’t push them up. All other reasons are false.”

5. Statistics and Secrets-

How comes our stats and activities are so secretive? Why can’t we, active, upstat Scientologists be given the true figures of number of people actively on-lines at orgs world-wide, number of IAS members, GI of orgs and Internationally, Clears made annually, etc…

5.1 RJ38 of 1984-

This is possibly LRH’s last recorded talk, given in 1984.

In this talk LRH gives statistics of our new management.

Some are: Clears made in ’84 – 1,800; total Clears made up to 1984 – 32,311;

International WDAH weekly – 21,000; number of staff – 7,576;

GI per staff – $470 weekly (so one can calculate weekly GI of approx $3.6 million internationally);

Number of orgs – 144, of which 6 were opened in 1983;

Missions opened in 1983 – 53;

New public started at FSO in 1983 – 8,273; and more.

That was 28 years ago. What are today’s stats?

5.2 Scientology.org: unparalleled growth since 2004

We are told on the official site of the Church of “unparalleled growth”, yet how comes it’s all in sq. ft. of buildings. Since when are we a real estate corporation? Stuff like “total assets and property … more than doubled since 2004″; “The combined size of Church premises increased from 5.6 million sq. ft. in 2004 to 12.1 million sq. ft. in 2012.”

Impressive, but what good does it do us? We’ve never seen this stat in LRH policy. And who does it belong to? Who inherits it after Miscavige?

At the end it says – “Over 10,000 Scientology Churches, Missions, groups exist across 167 nations …” We’d love to see a list of the 10,000 activities or else we might think this is somebody’s fantasy.

And finally, “The number of people newly introduced … per week exceeds 26 times any previous week in history.” Anybody figure this out?

Why not give us actual numbers?

5.3 Tech dictionary “Security Checking”, Def 2.

“Withholds don’t add up to withholds. They add up to overts, they add up to secrecies, they add up to individuation, they add up to games conditions…”

Miscavige refuses to tell us the truth of what’s going on, he refuses to be in comm, he refuses to take questions at events because he might then have to answer them, he refuses to meet Scientologists or talk to us.

5.4 HCOPL 15 March 1977, DS 41, Evaluation: The Situation

A few relevant excerpts from this policy:

a) – “Back of wrong data you will normally find an impure intent.”

b) – “Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the percentages are wrong. … I can assure you they’ve left the suppressive on the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.”


Occasionally you’ll find a scene wherein a person’s or area’s PR is greater to him than production – PR, personal PR, means more than production. And that is a characteristic of a suppressive. He’ll fog the situation up with big PR about how good it is so it can’t be handled.”

6. Miscavige’s Personal Conduct

Tech Dictionary, Control Case, Def. 2

“The person who feels he must be cold blooded in order to be rational is what is called in Dianetics a ‘control case,’ and on examination will be found to be very far from as rational as he might be.”

It is a wonder to us how Miscavige succeeded in amassing absolute powers to himself, while ousting most other top execs or stripping them of any authority.

Miscavige’s main tool has been liberal use of SP Declares and the vicious enforcement of disconnection, inflicting suffering on families and friends while tarnishing the repute of LRH and Scientology.

6.1 High Crimes, as listed in the Scientology Ethics Book

A. “Organizing Splinter Groups …” and “Organizing a splinter group …” –

YES! Sounds strange but when so many are forced out of the Church and into the “independent” field, Miscavige is in fact pushing power to the splinter groups and systematically dismembering the Scientology organization. If and when the undersigned get declared, and thus splintered away, it will be more destruction to the Church and a joyous celebration for the “independents.”

B. “Mutiny”

In 1986, at the event notifying us of Ron’s departure, Miscavige himself introduced Pat Broeker as Ron’s closest friend, his confidante, research assistant for the past 6 years, Ron’s appointed “Loyal Officer” and the man entrusted by Ron with the Upper Level materials.

This was even put in writing, Flag Order 3879 of 19 January 1986, The Sea Org & the Future, promoting Pat Broeker, “to the first LOYAL OFFICER rank.” and Annie Broeker, “as the second LOYAL OFFICER.” Both ranked above Miscavige.

Soon afterwards The Broekers were gone. Since then, many senior execs have been ousted or sidelined. See also section 5.4 b) above.

C. “Refusal to allow staff or public to progress up the Bridge …” –

Two of the undersigned have spent 14 years on OT 7 but were taken off arbitrarily in 2005.

Dani Lemberger was removed because of his thoughts and concerns about the managing of Scientology. Tami was taken off because of her husband.

Most S.O. staff and Org staff make very little progress on the Bridge.

D. “Failure to strenuously act to clean up an ‘ARC broken field’ shall be deemed a high crime …”

– Those ARC broken are simply expelled or declared. Easier and faster than getting them handled.

6.2 The “No children policy” in the S.O.

LRH, while establishing and running the Sea Org, researching and writing materials, still found time for the Second Dynamic. LRH was happily married to Mary Sue and we believe they had four kids – Diana, Arthur, Quentin and Suzette.

LRH wrote much tech for raising kids, educating them and maintaining a flourishing family.

It seems like Miscavige has a serious problem with children.

Possibly, having kids will make staff more difficult to control and kids, as we know, are just a waste of time and money. Miscavige created the “no kids policy”, not based on any known LRH policy or datum.

6.3 SP Declares and Disconnection

Miscavige’s primary tool in keeping us under control and cowed is liberal use of SP Declares. This tool is effective only when a person is in fear of losing family and friends.

In RJ68 of 1968 Ron says,

“You have probably read something about the reform code … of Scientology.

This resulted in … and disconnection is cancelled as a relief to those suffering family oppression.

It is no longer required on SP orders and a person has to handle.”

Similarly, this was also written as policy in HCOPL 15 November 1968, Cancellation of Disconnection.

Disconnection was later reinstituted by Miscavige, against LRH policy.

This is fully explained in lecture 48 of the 4th London ACC, given on 3 November 1955, Attitude and Conduct of Scientology. Ron says,

“…disconnect them from the organization but not from Scientology. Got that?”

In many cases, this has been made worse by declaring SP’s without a Comm Ev, without publishing the declare and without even sending it to those declared. Thus, those declared hear of it on a rumor line and have no chance of responding.

6.4 Miscavige refuses to be in comm with Scientologists or the public.

His only contact with us is standing distant and aloof, on a towering stage reading off rapidly a prepared speech.

Never a question and answer session, never a meeting with a small group, refusing to even answer letters addressed to him.

If you are lucky, and have donated generously to the IAS, maybe a handshake and a photograph, all smiles, to go into Impact Magazine.

6.5 HCOPL 2 November 1970, The Theory of Scientology Organizations

“If you ever have occasion to elect a leader for your group, …

Compare record as follows: Take a person who is a good auditor, not just says he is. …

Take the person who can grant beingness to others. And look at the relative serenity and efficiency of any past command he may have had. So always elect temporarily and reserve the right of recall.

If his first action is to fire people, recall him at once and find another leader. If the organization prospers, keep him and confirm the election by a second one. If the abundance of the organization sags in a month or so, recall and find another.”

7. My Philosophy, by L. Ron Hubbard

“The first principle of my own philosophy is that wisdom is meant for anyone who wishes to reach for it. It is the servant of the commoner and king alike and should never be regarded with awe.

“Therefore, in Scientology, we are not concerned with individual actions and differences. We are only concerned with how to show man how he can set himself free.

“This, of course, is not very popular with those who depend upon the slavery of others for their living or power.

“So my own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom he has, one should help others to help themselves, and one should keep going despite heavy weather for there is always a calm ahead.

… “For I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others.

“If things were a little better known and understood, we would all lead happier lives.

“And there is a way to know them and there is a way to freedom.

“The old must give way to the new, falsehood must become exposed by truth, and truth, though fought, always in the end prevails.”


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