Yaniv Berliner Keeps Going

Yaniv Berliner began studying Scientology at Flag, 22 years ago, while traveling in Florida. His brief encounter with the Church made him decide to distance himself from this organization, yet he always knew that Hubbard’s Tech does wonders.

Yaniv had no contact with Scientology for twenty years until he saw Tami and Dani Lemberger on a TV show in December, 2014. Yaniv was excited to see that Dror Center is free of the Church and delivers the full Bridge with great results.

Soon after, Yaniv returned to the Bridge at Dror Center. He is now moving up the Bridge rapidly on both sides, auditing and training.

Following his attest to Grade 0, Communication Release, in June 2019, Yaniv gave us a brief interview about his experience at the Church and his decision to continue his training and auditing at Dror Center.

Recently, Yaniv completed Grade 1, Problems Release, with great wins. We invite you to watch both videos. Thanks!

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