Wins in the Time of Corona

Dear Friend,
This is Aviv Bershadsky, Auditor and C/S at Dror Center, Haifa.

About six weeks ago, Ivana Dusilova and her daughter Veronika, came from Prague, Czech Republic, to sunny and relaxed Israel. For Ivana it was her second visit at Dror, for Veronika, the first.

While they were here, coronavirus raised its ugly head. Slowly but steadily, additional restrictions were introduced. Less buses, less trains, less flights…and concern that the government will introduce complete lockdown. Then, Ivana and Veronika’s flight back home was cancelled.

Despite the tension and worries, Dror Center continued to deliver its services. Ivana received auditing and even began her Solo Auditor Course at the Dror Academy. She finished her Progress Program first, and then did the whole of Grade IV Expanded.

At the same time, Veronika enjoyed her first Scientology auditing with our auditor Dima Dubinin. Veronika had huge wins and was telling me daily that Dror Center is the best place she has ever been to.

While here, I interviewed Ivana about her Scientology background and gains at Dror. Please see the video below to which we have added English subtitles.

Luckily enough, Ivana and Veronika made it home safely. They caught one of the last connection flights to Prague. They write us often, sharing more wins that they are experiencing as a result of their auditing in Dror.

Much Love, Aviv

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