Welcome Gen Z

Generation Z are the youngest and brightest, born between 1997 and 2010. Dror Center is proud to host Gen Z’s and harvest the top of the crop as the fresh cadre of international auditors.

Today, we are proud to introduce Veronika Schickerova, who comes to Dror from Prague, Czech Republic, with the purpose to train as an auditor. Veronika came to Dror twice already.

Her first visit was with Mom, Ivana Lustincova.

Her second visit was with Dad, Honza Schicker, whom we hosted last week.

While here, Veronika gave us a revealing interview, at moments funny at others bringing tears to our eyes. What a delight to have Gen Z’s here and see them too winning on Hubbard’s miraculous Tech!

Veronika is returning to Dror soon to continue her exciting journey to become a pro auditor.

Here she is (for your convenience, we have added subtitles.) Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Welcome Gen Z”

  1. Veronika- you are great!!
    Being an Auditor is a very exciting, interesting, challenging and appreciated profession!!
    We’ll do the most to help you in your journey!!!
    Much love, Tami

  2. My dearest Verunka, it is wonderful to hear your wins from the application of LRH Tech and in such beautiful English. I am very proud of you and I wish you many similar cognitions on your next journey on the BRIDGE.

  3. I’m lucky because I just visited the Dror only one day and you was there before you goes back to Prague, and we could meet and talk a little in Dror.🙂

    You are a really shiny girl!☀️
    Just countinue the shining and the learning and the auditing of yours and of others!✌️

    And it’s funny because your family name in hungarian language mean “success”.
    So be what your name say: be success!!!😎🤘

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