They are Not the Ones Who Have Changed, It Was My Viewpoint!

LifePower continues to expand successfully, as the books and courses create a rapid increase of new public flow to its centers.

Today, we would like to share with you the success story of Diana Molchanov, who completed the ‘Effective Communication Course’.

Diana Molchanov first heard about Dror Center when she worked in a real estate agency in Haifa. As part of her job training, her manager, Ruslan Aminov, drilled her on some communication drills he was familiar with as a graduate of this course.

Following the wins she achieved from drilling TRs, Diana decided to do the Effective Communication Course at Dror center. This course is based on the book ‘The Complete Communication Manual’ written by Dani Lemberger.

This book was written by Dani to answer the need for one source of the full technology for effective communication of Hubbard, so it will be easily accessible by the broad public. Such a book was never published before.

The book describes TRs 0-4 in a way that can be easily understood, and contains beautiful illustrations supplying the mass.

After completing the course, we interviewed Diana. This is what she told us:

“Before I started the course I felt difficulty communicating with my family. It was one of the main problems I wanted to handle. This problem affected my life so much that it was hard for me to achieve my goals.

“After I started practicing the Communication Drills, it seemed to me that my family changed for the better, it was easier to talk to them. Later on, I realized that they are not the ones who have changed, it was my viewpoint that changed.

“Now I can confront situations and solve problems which seemed before difficult to handle. I am more in control over my life and I feel that unpleasant communication from the environment can no longer affect me.

“I enjoyed studying at the academy a lot, and I recommend everyone to do this course.”

Thank you, Diana, for sharing your wins and thanks to Dror academy staff for making these miracles.

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