The Route to Spiritual Freedom

Last week we published a post, Ron’s Bridge @ Dror Center. We gave a brief overview of Ron’s Bridge and its evolution since Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, published in 1950.

Some of our readers commented that they had difficulty viewing the chart of the bridge currently in use at Dror Center, which we have titled The Route to Spiritual Freedom. According to requests we have received, we now publish this chart and some words of explanation.

Dror Center departed the Church of Scientology in June 2012. Immediately upon leaving, Dror’s tech team began thorough research of Ron’s Tech. In 2013, Dror released an updated version of the Bridge to Spiritual Freedom. Since then, much more work has been done at Dror to create a precise, 100% standard version of the Bridge. This massive undertaking was done in line with Ron’s call in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health,
Get busy and build a better bridge!

Dror’s efforts have culminated in The Route to Spiritual Freedom which we now publish for all to view, enjoy and use. At the center of the chart appears the following guide for its use:

How to Use this Chart

This chart was first presented by Ron Hubbard as part of his applied spiritual philosophy, beginning with Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, released in 1950. As the subject expanded and evolved, Hubbard mapped out the stages of progress on the Bridge to Total Freedom. The chart describes a route to human recovery, higher capabilities and an ultimate expansion of one’s ability and power as a spiritual being. The chart could be conceived as a map of the expansion of life, showing at each level the realization of greater potential.

The chart is a whole; however, for ease of comprehension, we have divided it into three separate tables:

A. Training – Training provides new knowledge and skill in handling life. Training begins with study of the LifePower books that place Hubbard’s philosophy within easy grasp. One then advances to become a professional auditor – one who has the knowledge required to understand life and the skills to bring every other person to the State of Clear. Beyond that, the highest skilled auditors deliver the Advanced Levels to reach OT – Operating Thetan.

B. Processing to the State of Clear – Processing brings about an attainment of a higher state of beingness. One begins with ‘Book Processing’ based on the LifePower books and then rises steadily on the Route. With every step, one gains higher awareness of self as an immortal spiritual being, enhances life abilities, releases oneself from burdening past traumas, and attains the State of Clear.

C. The Advanced Levels and Special Rundowns – Here one handles all one’s drives and realizes their full potentialities as a spiritual being. As an OT one is cause over life and all its factors. An OT, a state only attainable with Hubbard’s Technology, can fully choose and play their game of life in complete harmony and pan-determinism.

Below you will find the complete chart of The Route to Spiritual Freedom, followed by each of the three tables that make it up. You may download and print as you wish.

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    1. Thank you Hania for years of friendship.
      We are proud to have many of your friends here at Dror receiving auditing, doing their OT Levels, going up the Route to Spiritual Freedom.
      Hope we see you again soon. Love, Dani

  1. Hi,
    I saw this chart in another email last week. Wrote an email asking questions about the services – never received a reply. Are you getting my emails?

    Thank you
    Joe Luca

  2. you are part of the org of MAX HAURI from RONS ORG GRENCHEN? It is interesting to see the evolvement of you guys, have your considered looking into esperianism?

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