The Purification Rundown: Dror vs. The Church of Scientology

Dear friends, this is Aviv Bershadsky, Auditor and Case Supervisor at Dror Center.

For many years I have been saying that the Technology in the Church of Scientology is altered, and that you would get best results at Dror Center. In my previous article, published last week, we discussed Life Repair. In this article, I would like to take up the Purification Rundown.

Back in the 1970’s, Ron Hubbard saw the impact of LSD on the human mind. He found that traces of LSD are retained in the fat tissues and later, past use of LSD may get restimulated at present and cause the person to feel they are in an LSD trip as though they just took it. In the late ’70s, an attempt was taken to remove the drug residuals out of the body. The Sweat Program was developed which consisted of its participants jogging on the beach wearing diving suits, so as to cause drug residuals to be sweated out of the body’s fat tissues. In the early 1980’s, Ron conducted further research which resulted in the following conclusion:

“From the most recent research developments, it now appears that:

“Not only LSD but other chemical poisons and toxins, preservatives, pesticides, etc., as well as medical drugs and the long list of heavy street drugs (Angel Dust, heroin, marijuana, etc.) can lodge in the tissues and remain in the body for years.

“Even medicinal drugs such as diet pills, codeine, novocaine, and others have gone into “restim” years after they were taken and had supposedly been eliminated from the body.

“Thus it seems that any or all of these hostile biochemical substances can get caught up in the tissues and their accumulation probably disarranges the biochemistry and fluid balance of the body.

“These substances must be eliminated if the person is to get the most possible gains from mental and spiritual processing.”


In the same bulletin, Ron introduced a new rundown, he called it the Purification Rundown, Purif RD, and stated the reason for its existence:

“The only reason we are handling drugs and drug deposits in the body is so that the individual can then get case gain.

“Apparent gain occurs by cleaning up the body and can be seen as an end all in itself. This is not the case.”

Surprisingly enough, people who come to Dror from abroad, who did the Purification Rundown at the Church in the ’90’s and the beginning of the 2000’s, had great results on it and were very happy.

In 2013, something weird happened with Church Management’s logic. They decided that every one of their public must redo the Purif RD. It looks like, they either had no new public or they were dissatisfied with their own prior good results. In any case, the Tech was severely altered at that time.

In C/S Series 1, Ron writes:


“By carelessness, the same rundowns can be called for twice and done twice or even more.

“Don’t let major Rundowns be done twice.”

Any Class III auditor or above and any C/S knows the logic of this instruction. It is explained in Bulletin of 19 December 80, REHAB TECH:


“Overrun occurs when the thetan considers that something has gone on too long or happened too often.

“When the person begins to feel this way about something, he begins to protest it and try to stop it. This tends to make things more solid and builds up mass in the mind. People who are very intent on stopping things in life appear solid and massy.

“In auditing, an overrun means the preclear came out of the bank and then went back into it again. For instance, the pc released on the process “From where could you communicate to your dog?” but the auditor continued the process after he should have indicated the F/N and gone on to something else. By continuing, the auditor throws the pc back into the bank again and wrecks the release state.

“An overrun in auditing can also mean that the pc gained an ability to do something and the auditor continued the process or grade past the point where the ability had been regained. By pushing on, the ability can get invalidated. In both cases the person’s attention goes back onto his case and hangs up. The person can feel the mass of it again.

“In life when something is overrun, the person begins to accumulate protests and upsets about the thing or activity he feels overrun on. His attention tends to stick on it. This also builds up mass.

“An overrun, whether it occurred in auditing or in life, is handled in auditing using the tech of rehabbing.”

It appears that the Church deliberately overran its public!

To compound the felony, the C of S flagrantly altered the Purif RD bulletins. LRH was not around in 2013 to prevent this. The original LRH Bulletin of 21 May 80, PURIFICATION RUNDOWN CASE DATA, item 9, states:

“Has anyone completed the rundown to full end phenomena before reaching 5000 milligrams of niacin? Per the original research and all reported survey data, there are a number of people who have completed the Rundown to full end phenomena on dosages under 5000 mgs of Niacin. Others have gone as high as that dosage before completing. Apparently in some areas there was, earlier on, some misinterpretation of the purification Rundown HCOBs to the effect that one would be required to work up to a point where a 5000 mg Niacin dosage produced no effect, in order to achieve the EP – which is not the case. There is no statement in any HCOB to this effect. The End Phenomena is reached when the individual is free of the restimulative presence of residuals of past drugs and other toxic substances. He will no longer be feeling the effects of these impurities going into restimulation and there is a marked resurgence of overall spiritual well-being.

“The amount of vitamin and mineral nutrients, exercise and sweat out it has taken and will take to accomplish this [EP] on the Purification Rundown is an individual matter. There is no hard and fast rule laid down anywhere that says a person must work up to 5000 mgs Niacin before he is complete.”

LRH wrote clearly in the above reference, that it is not necessary for a PC on the Purif to go up to 5,000 mg of Niacin to complete the rundown.

However, in the revised version of the book ‘Clear Body, Clear Mind’, released in 2013, David Miscavige, the self-proclaimed new ‘Source’ (who is barely a Class IV auditor), decided that he knows better and modified the requirement for completion to a mandatory 5,000 mg of niacin. That is to say, even if a person has the EP of the Rundown at 3,000 mg, they will have to continue it until they reach 5,000 mg of niacin!

With these instructions, any new PC may suffer an overrun on their Purif RD, even when done the first time. Worse still, Dear Leader created a double overrun for those who already completed the Purif. That is, the first overrun is for the PC to be forced to do the Purif again, and the second overrun is having to go as far as 5,000 mg of niacin even though the EP may be reached much earlier.

Irina Linchuk, who came to Dror from Russia, was a Class V Graduate Auditor at Flag. She told us her story:

“In 1998, I did the Purification Rundown on an island by Vladivostok, and it was super cool! I had terrific wins! I felt my mind clear, I started doing the Objectives and I was studying to become an auditor, and it all was easy. I was certain that I was free of harmful toxins and poisons.

“In 2010, I joined Sea Org staff at Flag. We were studying to become Super Power auditors and it was required that everyone of us has to go up to New OT V. I was programmed to redo the Purification Rundown. The vitamins smelled awful, and we would all have nausea. I would just sit in the sauna with nothing happening. We were sitting in the sauna talking and waiting for our EP’s. On day 5, my eye became inflamed and the eyelid swelled up. They continued to increase the Niacin dose, although I had no reaction. At some point, I felt bad pains in my stomach and they brought me to an American hospital. I spent a day there. They gave me medicine and the pains stopped. After they discharged me, I continued the Purif at Flag. Then, I finally realized I did not need the Purif at all, and went to the examiner and told him so. The examiner got me to attest despite my swollen eye.

My health was definitely undermined. I have been trying to recover for a few years. The eye recovered after 6 to 7 months. My sight has failed and continues to do so.”

Elena Felk from Kazakhstan started to do Scientology at Flag in 2015. She continued from the Purification Rundown to the Happiness Rundown. Here’s what she told us:

“This is exactly what happened to me. Endless overruns and a bunch of somatics. It all started when I was on the Purif. I remember how great, how fabulous, I felt for several days at 1000 mg Niacin, and how 5,000 mg broke me and had me overwhelmed. I told this to the Purif In-Charge and then got reported to Ethics. I just waited to be discharged from the Rundown. I had to pretend being done to finally ‘complete’ it.

“Flag was my first experience in Scientology where I got severely ‘burnt’. It felt as if they had boiled me alive. Because I saw and learned the hard way that something was wrong. I smelled danger and wanted to leave but they would not let me. They would invalidate me using LRH references and I felt I was pushed to a corner. I am writing this and crying. It took me two years to physically recover. I have no energy and no desire to work. I have been like this for four years. Thank you for being there!”

Unfortunately, Irina and Elena are no exceptions to the rule. I regularly receive similar reports of failed health because of the Purification Rundown done the Church.

I am not saying that nobody should ever repeat the Purification Rundown. There are a few preclears who did not get the full EP during the first time they did it. There are some preclears who consumed a great deal of toxins after the first rundown. This is a matter of careful individual C/S’ing. The most important question that a C/S should consider is whether the situation with the incomplete Purification Rundown, or consequent use of toxins, prevents the PC from moving up the Bridge. If the preclear progresses rapidly and has their wins, it would be a crime on the part of the C/S to get them back down the Bridge. If, however, the preclear is stuck in their auditing, the C/S will program the respective correction and then decide what levels of the Bridge the preclear needs to complete.

In fact, during the entire history of Dror, since 1992, we haven’t seen any unsuccessful completion of the Purification Rundown. Tami Lemberger and Dima Dubinin, who have run our Purif Rundown for 25 years, must be dull people since they haven’t introduced anything new into it over these years. They are just doing it per the original LRH references.

Please read below two success stories written by preclears who have recently completed the Purif at Dror Center:

“The Purification Rundown was and interesting. It’s funny how the things I thought were part of life, like the pains I felt during walking or jogging, have just disappeared! I realized that my bad moods at present were caused by medicine I took in the past. The solution appeared to be fairly simple. Thank you the staff of Dror Center for your help and support!” Yariv Marmor, Haifa, Israel.

“I learned to confront my body and other things in my life, including failures, which is a great achievement for me. In the course of the Rundown, dramatizations and absence of any connection to the present time became real to me. I understood even better how important it is to grant beingness to others. Moreover, I realized that it is very important to grant beingness to myself and not to judge myself or make myself do the things I don’t want to do. This is great progress for me!” Jana Fajtova, Prague, Czechia

Actually, the Purification Rundown is a simple yet very efficient rundown which makes it possible for one to have remarkable gains! We will be happy to see you sweating and having wonderful wins in our sauna! See you soon! Aviv Bershadsky

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  1. Hi Aviv how are you?

    I would like to emphasize that the article was great. I wish I could do the purif but I have many other health problems that prevents me from doing it.

    Now I know that only in Dror Center people can do the right rundown.

    I realy hope everybody understand that I’m not surprised that the Church make people do the purif again and I know that it is not the only thing they make people do again and again.

    Thank you very much for the important information. Keep on doing the great job. I know where the real Ron Hubbard system works.

    Cfir Winehouse

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