The Promised OT I, now in the Promised Land

Dima Jitovetsky


This article was kindly submitted by Aviv Bershadsky,

OT Review Auditor at Dror Center.

Dear friends, I am happy to announce that Dima Jitovetsky has attested to the completion of OT I!

Now, you may ask me, what is so special about this?

First of all, Dima is the first to complete OT I in Israel. Prior to 2012, Dima and other Scientologists in Israel had to travel to distant locations such as Denmark, England, US and even Australia to do their OT Levels. Now Dima and his friends can do those levels in Israel at a saving of 10,000’s of dollars and months of time.

But that is not the entire point! There is a much more important matter of Standard Tech. Dima is one of the first beings in the world to do the proper OT I, as written by Ron. This, after about 30 years of “God knows who” invented “New OT I” as delivered in the Church. This point needs to be clarified further.

In 2010, I travelled all the way from Israel to Australia to do my OT Levels. The reason I travelled that far was the price of OT Levels in Australia was a bit lower then in the rest of the world.  I have to admit that the staff at AOSH ANZO was very nice and willing to help. It is not their fault that they are being ruled by a psychotic dictator who wants to change everything around, except for himself.

At that time, 2010, I had no clue about the “Independent” field. Actually, I was kind of a Kool-Aid drinker myself. Being an experienced auditor, I got through my Solo I and Solo II courses pretty fast. Then, a little hassle on ‘Eligibility’ that fortunately for me ended fast. And here I was in the New OT I courseroom, ready and excited to read and practice some real OT stuff! I was thrilled to get new OT data I never read before and do some super-duper OT processes that I had been dreaming of for so long.

I opened the New OT I pack with excitement…but wait…the first sentence of it says, to the best of my memory: “This level is designed to further train you on your Solo Auditor skills and to put you on your way to full OT”. “Further train me on my Solo Auditor skills”??? I thought I attested to being a superb Solo Auditor when I finished my Solo II. Another training action? Where are the promised OT levels?

Here I felt the first disappointment, which I swallowed that moment. The second one came when I opened the super-secret platens. Oh my God! Those were just Grade I processes on problems, run on some specially chosen terminals. No OT Processes, but LOWER LEVELS PROCESSES. To be honest, I did get some wins on them, but I still had the feeling that something was wrong with this “New OT I”.

Later, in 2012, when I got out into the “Indie” field (and my Kool-Aid drinker level got much lower), we procured the original OT I materials and everything became clear and well understood. The “New” OT I turned out to be a fake! How do I know? That’s very simple, the original OT I is handwritten by LRH!

Just in case you doubt me, take a look:

OT I Snip 1

OT I Snip 2

These materials were never shown to me at the Church. Further, I did some research of my own. I interviewed my friends, guys who did the OT levels at the church. They all remembered faintly doing the same action I did, with mediocre wins, no “OT Level”. But then I talked to our friend, Yossi Charny, who visited Dror Center a few weeks ago. Yossi clearly remembers doing OT I at AOLA in 1983. He said, “Sure, it was LRH handwritten”, and he described the processes to me. Exactly the same as what we deliver at Dror! Further, he laughed, and said he had arguments over this with his wife Ronit. She did her OT levels in the 1990’s in the Church, but described to him the same “Grade I” processes we all did at the Church. (The Charny’s story is here.)

When I was supervising Dima on original OT I here at Dror, I saw him beaming after every session he did. His cognitions were really OT cognitions and he was ready to continue this level forever, but unfortunately he hit the EP of OT I which is “Extroverts a being and brings about an awareness of himself as a thetan in relation to others and the physical universe” (from: “Scientology 0-8”, edition of 1972). The processes of OT I gradually brought him to this cognition.

Now, how can the Problems Processes of New Fake OT I bring somebody to this cognition? Well, they cannot!

Let’s read Dima Jitovetsky’s success story at the completion of OT I:

Dima Jitovetsky Receiving the invitation to OT Levels at Dror Center, July 2014

“In this process I got lots of theta and I felt myself as a thetan, not as a body. These processes are relatively simple but extremely powerful. I enjoyed every session I got. Sorry, every session I gave to myselfJ

“A bit pity that it’s over, but I have to move on!

“While on the level, I also understood who my real friends are. They are Aviv, Tami, Dani, Dima, Moti, Carmela and Ron Hubbard. Thank you very much!”

So, dear friends, we at Dror Center are fully set up to get you all the way to OT. We deliver what Ron promised, the real OT Levels! Come and have your portion of theta here in the Land of Milk and Honey.

Much, Much Love, Aviv

24 thoughts on “The Promised OT I, now in the Promised Land”

  1. Hi Aviv,

    This is a great story! I did the original OT1 in 1969 at AOLA, and it was the hand-written LRH OT1. My congratulations also to Dima and my best wishes to him for his trip to OT3 and beyond. It is wonderful that you in Israel are part of the movement that is actually preserving and delivering the real LRH tech!



  2. Dima, Aviv, and everybody at Dror,

    W O W ! ! !
    This is history, 1st OT 1 level done in Israel, and done correctly, for a change.
    I share Aviv’s story on “new” OT1 which I did at ST. Hill in 1993.
    Exactly the same disappointment when I saw the processes. I remember saying: What?? that’s all?
    Of course that was quietly to myself, and then sh sh sh….quick forget/ not-is, not to get into trouble. I mean , critical of an OT level?? God help, too dangerous…can’t possibly think like this! Dima, you lucky man, doing this In a super sane and uptone environment, Dror center. Go for it!! This might be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with yourself…and much more.

    I said and I’ve written many times in different places, that getting auditing in a sane place, with able, up-tone, highly trained professionals, where the PC is all that matters – is the only way to verify the workability of the Tech. And of course the only real way to do and enjoy it. And reach real spiritual (and other) results. Unfortunately, very few people have done it this way in last 20-30 years. It has to be tried to be believed. When you come to get services at Dror you will understand this.
    And all you guys at Dror, Dani, Tami, Aviv, Dima, Moti, Carmela – big Cheers to you, keep it up!!

    Much love,

    On Nots.

  3. What an amazing success story!!!! Congratulations and VWD Dima!!!
    Aviv, I did have the same feeling when I did OT1 at Flag in the early 90’s. I am so happy we have the Original LRH Handwritten OT1 and I am going to deliver it next week to someone in the US 🙂 How wonderful we have the real Tech from LRH!
    I wish you all much success!
    Much Love to you and the entire Dror Team! You Rock!

    1. Hi, Ronit!

      Such an honer to get an ack from such a highly trained and experienced person as you are. I think we have a great cooperation and I want to thank you for your help to our group.

      Much Love,


  4. It is a amazing story of Tech, first lucky OT I complete in Israel – Dima and Dror. This is the right team to recover the Tech, to deliver it correctly and to get wins! I am very glad for you, Dima, as starting your journey to OT. Thanks for Dror for being here and fighting for freedom!

    With huge respect,
    Alex Shur, on Solo NOTs.

  5. Hi, Alex! Thank you for your kind words, which inspire us to continue what we do. All this would be impossible without your support and the support of your family.

  6. Hello ,
    My name is Dima. I’m the one who did the first OT I in Israel.
    Thank you all for your congratulations!!!!
    Ron’s Bridge is very simple and powerful, if you do it in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!
    My thanks to Dror!!!!!

    1. Dima,

      You are absolutely right. Ron’s Bridge is very simple and powerful! Now it is better than ever: Without any aribtraries, with friendly atmosphere and REAL Spirit of Play!
      Keep up the good work!

  7. Great story, nice to hear, 44 years ago summer of 1970 drove to l.a. From n.y. And did all the ot levels, as I remember OT 1 was 75 dollars.boy have things changed.

  8. Dima,

    Great Win for you as C/S, for the field activity, Dror, and for all of the scientologists who believe in Standard Tech.
    I apologize for the late feedback on your wonderful reach and achievement.
    Mentioning me sharing my OT I experience in LA in 1984, brought back beautiful memories of this great piece of Tech. While on steps I don’t remember the exact cognition I had, but I do remember the one from OTI. It was my deep outreach and love I felt for all people surrounding my environment.
    Later on I realized that the OTI was changed to something else. Very well done on your success and the wins of Dima. Keep up the good work!

  9. Excellent win!! VWD!

    I am on the same level in the independant field and the wins are fantastic! It is so sad to see how badly the church has been ripping people off all of these years!

    We are all very lucky to have this wonderful opportunity to go free!

    Well done to the Dror mission and its free public. You broke free and are doing great!
    Keep up all the good work!

    Much love

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