Tel Aviv Ideal Org — Straight Across and Prostrate

Now we have a new theatre hall in Israel, the “Alhambra”. Sounds familiar maybe? Yes, it’s the name of the historical building which is now the “Ideal Org” of Tel Aviv.
David Miscavige purchased this building for a whopping $6.5 mill of our money, that’s what the fundraisers told us. Then wasted another estimated $12-15 mill of our money to renovate it. The true number they are ashamed to disclose.

In August 2012 they gave us the “Grand Opening” with Miscavige in person. At a staff-only meeting he promised all staff they would go Clear within 2 years. Easy for him to promise, he won’t be around to answer up why his promises are never kept. Not a single Clear made in the 8 months since.
What’s more, in the recent “Scientology News” mag, edition 55 for the 2013 New Year, Corporate Scientology proudly announces they’ve had 4,575 new public in the Tel Aviv Org since opening. Just one more lie piled up on the heap. Who cares? They’re all in apathy by now.
We’ve spoken to quite a few people who’ve been inside the Alhambra. It’s very posh, looks extravagant yet cold, unpleasant, bizarre, no one to talk to. Lots of security and empty. “Cold and empty” we have heard repeatedly.
At a recent Graduation just 6 public attended.
So how do they pay the bills? The answer is here at this site habama. Rent the org out for performances and events. On May 10th, a Vivaldi concert with Sergei Stadler. On June 1st, “Dixieland Jazz” and on July 5th, a “Las Vegas Musical”.
If you can’t make ends meet doing Scientology, anything else goes.
Many thanks to Ronn Stacy for providing a translated snippet of the page:

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