Tami Lemberger: About the Purpose of Ethics

Dror Friends is happy to present the final section of interviews conducted by Viky Severin with Tami Lemberger in July 2019.

In this section, Tami explains about the use of ethics in helping a person to improve his life and boost his progress on the Bridge.

In this part of the interview, Tami also talks about ‘Jo’burg’, a list of auditing questions developed by Hubbard in Johanesburg, South Africa. The purpose of these questions is to remedy the compulsion or obsession to commit non-survival actions which have to be withheld. When done correctly, Jo’burg can help a person to become much more at cause in life.

In the first section of the interview, posted on 2 August 2019, Tami explains why one must go through the lower grades before starting on New Era Dianetics.

In The second section, posted on 16 August 2019, you will find information about how we can improve our States of Existence.

The third section, about New Era Dianetics, posted on 13 September 2019.

This section is 11 minutes long; it has English subtitles. We hope you enjoy watching. Kindly leave your comments below.

16 thoughts on “Tami Lemberger: About the Purpose of Ethics”

  1. Amazing Interview and Data.
    There is an amazing lecture from LRH called “Havingness-Quality of reach”.I think its CleanHands congress(not sure).This lecture really get you the understaning of this Tech as a PC and How it helps you to Cause so you litteraly ask for more by yourself. Just like you said Tami.I can attest persoannly of amazing wins from Conffesionals done with you and it always boosted my life and increased case gains and Cause level in life.KRC comes from the Thetan himself.

  2. Hi, everybody,

    Hadn’t time to listen to video yet, but I’ll sure will do.

    However, I can’t resist posting right now how pleased I am to see indies who are clever enough to talk about ethics and confessionals as positive and helpful tools.

    Gosh! didn’t think it would ever happen in the Freezone.

    Very Well Done, Tami and all who agree.

    Technical Me

  3. I was a Sea Org member for a short while at the Flag Land Base back in about 1979. Even while being fairly new to Scientology I had this tremendous gut feeling tech was being mis applied. Especially ethics. It was more for punishment against LRH and the Church. Plus the ways in which conditions were expected to be applied didn’t seem workable. Not to mention the out- exchange and out-ethics on the part of the church as a whole- that I could see. I left after a year.
    40 years since then, about the year 2017, I gave it another chance. I answered the phone one evening and it was a staff member calling. I had been getting phone calls for years. They find you. So I was told how Miscavige had gone through and re edited all the books, etc.. I explained it sounded interesting. I was in a lot of debt at the time taking care of 7 people on my one salary. I explained this. They said well buy the Dianetics book, you will like it. I bought it and I did enjoy reading it. They called back. I got tag-teamed. Which I think is out ethics. Knowing I was in debt they still managed to talk me into giving them $8,000 left on my credit card to buy all the books and lectures. It is about 35 boxes. This was crazy when I realized what I and they had done. Then I got talked into having to purchase the extension courses for each book and each lecture series. This cost another small fortune.
    Personally, I saw how each book was literally introduced as the new cutting edge tech. I figured out for myself something was terribly wrong.
    A staff member from Saint Hill calls me right up and wants me to come there for services instead of Flag. She flies over to Washington DC and I drive to the Org/Church there on a wonderfully Sunday holiday to meet her. I noticed something very odd and I didn’t like it afterward. This Ideal Org was like a palace or something. I was given a tour. Other than a skeleton crew staffing it, there were very, very few public. No activity. This wasn’t congruent with how I was told how the Church as expanded so much over the years. She wasn’t happy because I refused to write her a $1600 check for services over there.
    I do not like how the church is mis advertising itself. Plus, since 1976 when I first got introduced, I have yet to meet a Scientologist out in public anywhere. I don’t like or believe the intent of opening these mega Ideal Orgs, when I know damn well they will only succeed if enough staff members are there working slave hours and slave pay.
    Plus, in these early lectures and books, LRH gives methods to self audit. And the processes to do so. I actually felt I got good results. But when I spoke these things to my supervisor there she said you can’t self audit. I didn’t argue. But I quit.
    I concluded through my own application of ethics and conditions that now, the church is my enemy. I cleaned up and took responsibility for my actions regarding giving them money when I was in debt. I confronted my supervisor, the chaplain and the lady staff member who initially tag-teamed me to pay so much out. She tried to turn it around by demanding I give her names of anyone who had spoken to me to change my mind. I confronted her again. I stated that I expected her to do the conditions and get her own ethics in.
    I still haven’t met any clears and OT’s out in general public and in jobs out there. The staff member from Saint Hill was OT5 and I could blow the socks right off her. I saw right through her.
    Thanks for listening. I was actually agreeing with what you just presented. Thank you for sharing. I don’t expect a reply. It would be nice. But not expected. Thanks for your time and at doing what you are doing.

    1. Dear Michael, 
      thank you very much for sharing with us your story and for watching the articles we published on the site.

  4. Our friend Mary sent us this comment:
    Hi Tami – that is a great idea for a lecture.
    I know it will make Ethics more real to all who attend.


    1. Thanks Mary – the Personal Integrity and Prosperity Program you have created (which is the correct application of LRH Ethics Tech and The Conditions) is very very useful! Thanks again!!
      Much Love,

  5. I got a lot of sec.checks in the church. It helped me. I loved it. I’m not sure what their viewpoint had been, it does’nt harm me. Thank you Tami. Its a refreshing talk. Love. Josef

  6. I am pleased to have taken part in listening to the video excellent. I do recall this time when the joburg Sec check was used at St Hill in the early days when LRH was there. However its a lost tool in some regard. Many remarks along the way even outside of the church in the in-dept’s and other groups,regard it as a tool to disrupt, make wrong and even to the extent think it’s dangerous and simply shy away from using it. It can be useful to locate stop’s and blocks along the way in one’s life as well as dealing with environmental issues that upsets people’s lives.It’s a very powerful tool if used well, and not just ignored.The application of ethics has its own tech and procedure’s

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