Super Dima Takes Igor Kalinin to Clear

Igor with Dima in Serbia

As we posted last week, in August 2020, our veteran auditor Dima Dubinin spent three weeks in Novi Sad, Serbia. This was Dima’s second visit there, this time he audited and trained both Angelika Novozhilova and Igor Kalinin.

In our previous post, we published Angelika’s success story on completion of Grade 2 – Relief Release up to Grade 4 – Ability Release.

Today, we are excited to share with you a great win: Igor Kalinin, has attested to the State of Clear!

Igor started studying Scientology at the Almaty Mission, Kazakhstan, in 1997. There he moved up the Bridge and did all his Grades and training. In 2012, Igor travelled to AOSH EU, Copenhagen, to receive his New Era Dianetics auditing and after many good wins on NED, Igor continued to the next step – the Clear Certainty Rundown.

As with many other cases we encountered, at AOSH EU, he was given many hours of Security Checking but prevented from doing his CCRD. Following these arbitraries and stops, Igor realized that he no longer wishes to be part of the Church. In 2012, Igor left the Church and did not make any progress on the Bridge until Dima’s recent visit.

This gross out-point was quickly handled by Dima and Aviv, Dror’s C/S, who put Igor on the CCRD and to everyone’s joy, the story has a happy end: Igor attested to the State of Clear!

Here is Igor’s success story after his Clear attest:

After achieving the State of Clear, I attained awareness on “the state of beingness without a reactive mind.” I also rehabilitated my interest in Scientology, which I had lost, with the help of my auditor Dima, my Case Supervisor Aviv and Dror’s staff. I am happy.

When I observed in session the ease and professionalism of Dima, with high ARC, for the first time in my life I wish to be an auditor.

The invalidation I had of the State of Clear has vanished. I have certainty that I am Clear and I understand the whole Bridge. I have gotten rid of a lot of charge. I feel very, very good.

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  1. Great, Igor!!
    Your persistence is admirable! I wish to meet you and Angelica soon face-to-face!
    Much love, Tami

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