Super Dima in Serbia, September 2020

Angelika with Dima in Serbia

Dear friends,
Dima Dubinin, Dror’s veteran auditor, just completed his second visit to Novi Sad, Serbia, where he audited and trained Angelika Novozhilova and Igor Kalinin.

Angelika started her adventure up the Bridge eight months ago when Dima first visited Serbia. At the time, Dima gave her intensive auditing, starting with a Life Repair Program and continuing up to Grade 1 – Problems Release. Angelika had great wins on these actions and invited Dima to return to their home in Serbia.

In August 2020, Dima arrived in Serbia to continue Angelika’s progress up the Bridge and to help her with training as a Solo Auditor. On this visit, Dima also began delivering auditing to Igor Kalinin, Angelika’s husband. Igor received his first auditing at the Almaty Mission, Kazakhstan, over ten years ago, and decided to leave the Church in 2012.

On this visit, Dima audited Angelika through Grade 2 – Relief Release, Grade 3 – Freedom Release and just yesterday she even completed Grade 4 – Ability Release. Here is Angelika’s success story after attesting to Grade 4:

“It was a great and fantastic experience. The way LRH structured the Bridge is genius, it is 100% perfectly right.

“You do grades first. Once you can look at your overts, you feel stronger and braver to confront and look at the upsets of the past (Grade 3), and your fixed ideas (Grade 4). The Grades are done one at a time, each making me more free, more calm, more self-confident and self-determined. My deep gratitude to LRH for this opportunity!

“And huge love and a million thanks to my auditor Dima, for his auditing questions which were real ‘jewelry picks’ and my great admiration to the entire Dror team.”

Angelika Novozhilova, Novi Sad, 7 October, 2020

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  2. Here are Thetans that are cause over the crazy-Corona-panic, despite all the suppressive stops, able to use and win from LRH Tech!
    Bravo Dima!
    Bravo Angelika!
    Bravo Igor!

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