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Going Clear @ Dror

Yaniv Berliner is starring again! Just six weeks ago Yaniv attested to the completion of the False Purpose Rundown (FPRD), and now we are immensely proud to announce that Yaniv Berliner has attained the State of Clear!

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Executive Training at Dror Center

People come to Dror Center when they seek improvement in their lives. With Ron Hubbard’s wide array of technologies, Dror can help people in their personal lives, with family relations, raising happy children and even lead them to success and prosperity in their businesses.

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Salvis Spruzs – More on LifePower Riga

Dror Center recently enjoyed a deluge of visitors from Riga, Latvia. First, it was Kaspars Cveigelis, co-founder of LifePower Riga and its General Manager. Kaspars was here to continue his auditing and hatting as an executive. Kaspars translated the LifePower Library to Latvian which forms the basis for all courses delivered there.

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Gatis Discusses LifePower Riga

Last week, Dror Center’s OT Levels Review Auditor, Aviv Bershadsky, interviewed Kaspars Cveigils, one of the founders of the LifePower center in Riga, Latvia. LifePower Riga is experiencing a rapid expansion.

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Kaspars Cveigelis – Leader of LifePower Latvia

Kaspars Cveigelis is an old friend and regular visitor at Dror Center. He and his close buddy Gatis Drevins, both from Riga, Latvia, have been arriving steadily at Dror for training and auditing since 2017. Together, they founded LifePower Center Riga in 2018, after translating the LifePower books to Latvian.

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