Our Special Guest, Hania Mrkos of Prague

Hania Mrkos

Hania Mrkos of Prague, Czech Republic, recently paid his second visit to Dror Center. Hania came here to assist his friends from Prague in their progress on the Bridge.

Hania is an old-old-timer, doing his first Scientology course in 1973 at the Munich Org, Germany, when living in Basel, Switzerland. He fled there in 1968 when the Soviet tanks rolled into Czechoslovakia. Hania became an enthusiastic Scientologist, opening missions in Bern and working with top management to help with the Basel Org and elsewhere.

He received auditing in Munich and other orgs, then went up to OT 3 at AOSH EU, Copenhagen. He later did OT 4 and the three L Rundowns at Flag. Throughout the years, Hania was active in delivering seminars and promoting Scientology.

Hania returned to Prague in 2012 and founded a bustling Dianetics co-audit group, helping hundreds start on their Bridge. In 2014, he decided to leave the Church and continue as an Indie Scientologist. On his last visit here, Dani Lemberger held a conversation with Hania which we think may be of much interest to all Scientologists. Enjoy!

10 thoughts on “Our Special Guest, Hania Mrkos of Prague”

  1. How nice of you to share the Interview with Hania I know him well and shared many personal times with him and his then wife Rosi and their daughter Jelena
    and myself and my daughter,We were invited to stay with them and went on holidays with them,they were plea sable moments.I know his successful work he has done in Bern / Basel and in the fielda very dynamic person.

  2. I would like to add bit more to what he says, in regards to what he says about the Fiance Police, with them showing up and going into Missions and ripping them to pieces. They were the back bone to any future in Orgs such as Class Iv Org’s. The franchises as they were called had good business and good public and treated there public with respect and had very good gradient operations for New Public. I was working as European Tours Org Senior Registrar and visited the missions myself as part of my job and there was good relationships with them , and the Class Iv Org. MY senior at that time was also Guillaume lerserve who was Commanding Officer which was then known as Folo Europe. A unit known as Tours Org I was Part of together with Ronny De Arman a very good man. We were working out side of Folo Europe but under administrative control by Folo , Ron loving and other group expansion were in the field under Folo Europe. Hania is quite correct on the evaluation of third party and the take over and wanting a complete ownership to remove any one that was successful.
    Capt Bill was the key person to change the dictatorship of control and suppression of the church,presenting a way out and continuation to carry on the bridge of Scientology, I was in Frankfurt and Capt Bill arrived and we as a small group got together to setup Ron’s Org.
    Theirs a lot of stories of good work by those that stuck to there own successful way and carried on promoting to the field to join Ron’s Org thank you I am proud to have been part of that creation with Capt Bill as his communicator

    1. Dearest Maria,
      Thank you so much for sharing your comment and your personal story of relations with Hania and Capt Bill. Your support of his work is highly appreciated.
      I know you are happy to see the work is going on and expanding. Scientology is free and is growing and Ron Hubbard’s true followers are overcoming obstacles.
      Our love to you and all our friends, Dani

    1. Hello Kaspars,
      Yes, we’re going from force to force with our dear friends: yourself, Gatis, Hania and many more. Without you and your support this would not be possible.
      We are the true group that is getting the job done.
      We’ll see you soon, in Haifa and in Riga. Love, Dani

  3. There are a lot of stories, some funny some sad. But all shows how Orgs finaly totaly managed to go broken. And these even with all the time increasing prices for services. And getting less and less public on their lines. And having less and less qualified staffs. Current management of SCN Orgs is total diletant.
    So, where is the clearing planet?

    1. Dearest Hania, Maria, Anna and Hanka,
      Thank you very much for visiting us (already twice, many more coming, I am sure), for bringing your friends from Prague and for becoming our friend.
      We, together and with many more loyal friends of Ron, are doing the job of clearing the Planet.
      You witnessed the expansion at Dror: Five full-time auditors working hard, barely meeting the demand. Nine full-time staff, over 100 public on lines.
      Our academy has over 40 students, half training as auditors.
      Your story is amazing, you deserve our admiration and gratitude for never tiring, for overcoming all obstacles, for your loyalty to Ron despite all obstacles and invalidations.
      You have our love and promise: WE SHALL CLEAR THE PLANET. Promise!
      Love you, Dani

  4. Dear Friends of Dror,
    (And of Ron (:
    It is amazing to hear how clearing the planet and the sector, and truely free beings is a big purpose of many.Scientology had its Golden Years back the 60s and 70s with huge prosperous Orgs and enormous mission/Franchise netwrok..There were lots of Class VI and VIIIs around Thousands of Clears and OTs and the group was heading towards the goal of a cleared planet and was Exponential with Tech Breaktroughs coming out from Ron and many (Think 15) different OT levels he developed above OT 7 (As he write in HCOB ‘Current state of works and materials’. Unfortunately,You are probably as big as your enemies are,(Thats per the Games Traingle) and a big Taking Over Operation to STOP OT production took place and is comtinue in the PT taken over curch.
    So we applied Danger Condition as OTs and Sea org members,and in Dror The Source and expansion cycle of Scientology is repeated and we are going to clear the planet and the sector and persist until its done.Dani describe the expansion happening these days and its getting more rapid every day.We Defenetly Come Back..Love,Nir

  5. Time to end Miscavige’s reign as post LRH squirrel dictator!
    I just ran into another fellow Scio’ who said he’s been on the CC for nearly 1200 hours! I have another associate that’s been on it longer than that. Something is wrong!
    I want REAL LRH tech’ / Scientology back!
    Enough is enough!
    David Miscavige is a menace to Scientology and Scientologists and planet earth and must be BYPASSED, REMOVED, ISOLATED from Society and HANDLED permanently!! NOW!

  6. You are absolutely right! This is exactly what we and many others are doing daily around the World: bypassing DM and his operation, delivering Standard Tech to the benefit of all.

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