Silvia Llorens is with us, Again!

Silvia Llorens

We are excited to welcome Silvia Llorens back on our team, this time as translator of the LifePower book to Spanish. And soon, Silvia will open the LP Center of Mexico.

Silvia is an old, old friend who now lives in Guadalajara, Mexico. Silvia spent 27 years in the Sea Org, holding the highest technical positions. She was a senior auditor and cramming officer at international management, and later Cramming Officer and Class IX auditor at Flag. She knows Tami and Dani from the time they were both on Solo NOTs at Flag. Silvia was Tami’s Cramming Officer on Tami’s auditor training at Flag and Dani’s auditor on NOT’s.

Following her departure from Flag staff in 2007, she wrote a detailed letter with her observation of severe outpoints in the Church. In November 2012, we published Silvia’s letter.

When we left the Church in June 2012, Silvia immediately contacted us to offer help. Silvia came to Haifa for two months in early 2013 to help us drill and become expert with delivery of the OT Levels, especially NOTs and the precise steps of the Solo NOTs Auditor Course.

While Silvia was at Dror, we celebrated Ron’s birthday on 15 March 2013. She gave a short talk, describing her hat as Cramming Officer and her work at Dror.

Silvia is now the top Tech terminal on the LifePower team, verifying Technical accuracy and remains a close, caring friend!

9 thoughts on “Silvia Llorens is with us, Again!”

  1. Tami Lemberger

    Dear Silvia, we are so happy for more cooperation and working together towards achieving our mutual goal – to get LRH Tech broadly disseminated! I love you!!!

  2. Dear Silvia, Great having you with us.
    Very real to me your story i was FOLO EU staff in the “Sea Org” 2011-2012 was enough to leave.We Restart the Sea Org now.Its 1967 Again (((((::::
    Nir Lahav

  3. Thank you Dani and Tami and also, thank you to all other members of Dror Center and Life Power Centers.

    Is great to be with a team of people you can trust, work hard and feel good about life and what we do.

    Dani and I will keep you updated on the progress of LP in Latin America!

  4. Thank you all for the good work!

    I just want to add to the Nir’s comment. Yes, it is in the situations like we are now, with DM suppressing thetrue wins from Scientology, we get to understand the full meaning of the motto “WE COME BACK”. Whatever the odds are against us, no matter how destroyed and dead and flat the field might seem, we always bounce back. That is the true meaning of who we are. WE COME BACK.

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