Sharing Wins at Dror

On 16 October 2021, Dror Center held its Graduation Party. On 22 October 2021, we posted the first section from the party – a concert played by Eiby Zelnik.

On 5 November 2021, we posted the second section of Graduation – Tami Lemberger’s Talk on Hubbard’s Technology.

At Graduation, Dror’s students and preclears receive certificates for the auditing levels and the courses they recently completed. They share their wins with friends and guests. Today we present the following success stories:

  • Natan Karachev – A real estate agent who has been on lines for 2 years. Natan completed the Life Repair Rundown and the Stability and Prosperity Course.
  • Dan Redlich – Owner of an energy company and a real estate investor. He has been on lines for several years. Dan completed ARC Strightwire, and is sharing with us his wins from reading Dani Lemberger’s latest book ‘Executive Freedom.’
  • Cfiri Winehouse –  A senior manager at United Health Services. Cfiri has been on lines 4 years and has completed the Student Hat Course, Personal Integrity Course, Overcoming Ups and Downs Course, and the Org Builder Course, based on the book Executive Freedom.
  • Yaniv Berliner – A software engineer and a real estate investor who joined Dror 5 years ago. Yaniv has completed the Student Hat Course, LifePower Coach training, Overcoming Ups and Downs Course, Grade 3 – Freedom Release, and Grade 4 – Ability Release.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Graduation Party and shared with us their achievements.

Please note: The video is in Hebrew. We have added English subtitles. To enable the subtitles, please press the subtitle toggle button, located at the bottom of the video control:

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