Ronit Schaul on the Way to OT

Ronit Schaul is very determined to go up the Bridge toward full OT.

 After she left the Church in 2012, Ronit has made a huge progress on the Bridge at Dror Center. She also did a lot in helping her son, Don Schaul, to establish the Clearing Center in Tel Aviv, which is very prosperous now in delivering Clearing seminars, LifePower Courses and auditing.

Recently, on May 10th, 2019, we posted three different videos of Ronit’s completions:
The L11 Rundown, which she completed in October 2018;
OT Preparations and OT Eligibility, in March 2019;
And OT 1, in April 2019.
And most recently, in August 2019, she made another big step by completing OT 2!

We invite you to listen to Ronit. Subtitles in English are available.
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