Roman Shares his Success on the Between-Lives Data Course!

Roman Rudinsky

Roman Rudinsky is an art exhibitions designer who began studying Ron Hubbard’s Technology in 2000. He went up the Bridge at Dimor Mission in Tel-Aviv, Israel and soon he decided to join its staff. He was on staff at Dimor for seven years.

At Dimor, Roman progressed with his auditing until he completed New Era Dianetics. He also trained at the Tel Aviv Org and while and there he saw many outpoints that cause him disaffection with Church management. However, he had certainty that Hubbard’s Tech does work.

In 2012, when Tel Aviv Org became an “Ideal Org”, Roman hoped that things would change for the better. That is why he decided to join staff at Tel Aviv’s Org. Sadly enough, “New Ideal Org” brought new disappointments. After observing numerous outpoints for a year being on Tel Aviv Org’s staff, Roman decided to leave the Church completely.

Fortunately, Roman came across Dror Friends’s site and found out he could enjoy the benefits of Ron’s Tech in Dror Center without the suppressive environment of the Church.

Soon after he came to Dror Center for the first time in 2015, Roman attested to the State of Clear. Now he is progressing up the Bridge with his auditor Aviv Bershadsky with great wins.

In addition to his progress in auditing, Roman finished the Between-Lives Data Course. Here is Roman’s success from the course:

“During the course I realized that if you do not do everything you can to get up the Bridge, your future as a spiritual being is in question. You are likely to experience amnesia as a result of the implant. And when you get this implant, and with it the amnesia, you, basically, lose everything.

“If people were aware of this, they would put going up the Bridge as their top priority in life.

“If the Church of Scientology had promoted this idea and not money, statistics, etc., it would not have become what it became. The Church has lowered Scientology to the level of “Have a comfortable life, make a lot of money…”

“Statements such as “I’m not going to study; I’m not going to do a Solo course.” come from a misunderstanding of where the lack of knowledge leads.

“Everything you have achieved in this life will be lost unless you avoid this implant. We have a chance to prevent implantation, amnesia and complete loss of our personality. This knowledge is included in the Between-Lives Data Course”.

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