Price Wins the Prize, Finally

AnthonyWe are proud to present an interview we recently held with Anthony Price of Sydney, Australia.

Anthony has been on lines at the Church of Scientology for over 28 years where he did his training up to the level of Graduate Class 5 Auditor.

At the Church, Anthony has been stopped from going up the Bridge. He decided to come to Israel, to Dror Center, after leaving the Church, so as to continue his journey to Clear and OT.

Anthony recently attested to the State of Clear! He finally won the prize after years of delays. Anthony is happy to share his experience and wins in the following video.

1 thought on “Price Wins the Prize, Finally”

  1. 3 years later I had the pleasure of being introduced to Anthony via Aviv from DROR.

    Great product DROR.

    Aussies dont like SOUP.!!!!


    Kevin Tanner

    DOWNUNDER !!!!

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