Audited NOTs Success Story by Hemi Benvenishti


By Hemi Benvenishti

Hemi Benvenishti is the owner of a large piano shop in Tel-Aviv. Hemi started his journey in Scientology in 1983, and went up the Bridge to OT III. A year ago, Hemi joined Dror Center. Hemi is being audited on NOTs at Dror Center these days.

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Grand Tour of the Indies 2013

A “Better-Late-Than-Never” Report by Dani Lemberger:

Grand Tour of the Indies 2013


Tami and I returned to Haifa on 28 July 2013, after a month-long tour of friends, old and new, across the U.S. Back home, we had to overcome the inevitable jet-lag and then handle a huge backlog of urgent cycles that piled up in our absence. Now, I can take a breather and attempt a summary of our trip and share with you our experiences and observations.

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Ron’s Single Biggest Mistake

Written by Dani Lemberger

I got into Scientology at the COSMOD Mission, San Francisco, in April 1980. Didn’t take me long to become an avid Scientologist. I had huge wins on realizing I am an immortal spirit and on going exterior on TR0. I then did the NED Auditor Course, audited another student and thenknew that this is the Tech to set man free. I knew we had, in Scientology, at long last, the road to individual freedom. A Cleared Planet became my goal.

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