Motti Morell

Motti Morell: Disconnection Reaffirmed

Dear readers,

We are glad to post an article our friend Motti Morell just forwarded to us. Motti has developed tight contacts within Miscavige’s inner circle. His sources at MCO (Miscavige’s Communication Office) have been leaking to Motti the latest and greatest writings from Miscavige, serving proof of his abundant ingenuity. We are grateful to Motti for making these MCOPL’s available to our readers. We are sure that reading them will make you even happier you’re out of the nuthouse, AKA “Church of Scientology”.

Congrats… Ronit & Yossi Are Back

Ronit Yossi Charny
Ronit Yossi Charny
The Association of Free Scientologists Israel, AFSI, is pleased to welcome Ronit & Yossi Charny to the fold. They have now officially joined the group of Scientologists who are loyal to Ron Hubbard, intent on delivering Standard Tech, who disseminate Scientology and who are still naïve to believe we may yet “Clear the Planet” one day.

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