Ronit Does OT 3!

Dear friends, we are happy to share with you Ronit Schaul’s attest to completion of Advanced Level, OT 3. Ronit attested on 26 May, 2020.

Ronit has been on Dror lines for many years and with our whole group left the Church in 2012. Since then, she has made rapid progress up the Bridge at Dror Center. In addition, Ronit is assisting her son Don in establishing Clearing Center in Tel-Aviv.

Yulia Engelin Completes yet another OT Level!

We are excited to share with you great news!
Yulia Engelin has just completed the OT Drug Rundown. Yulia has been moving up the OT Levels at Dror Center steadily and with great wins. She began her Scientology adventure at Dror Center twenty years ago, then joined staff at Tel Aviv Org and about three years ago came back home.

Handling a Crisis with Data Evaluation Tools

Aviv Bershadsky, Dror’s AO auditor and C/S, gave a lecture on May 6, 2020, as part of the ‘Theta-Flow’ conference

The subject of the lecture is, ‘How to Live in the Time of Corona’. In his lecture, Aviv presented many LRH references on handling any crisis with Auditing, Admin and Ethics Tech.

Dima Jitovetsky Completes the PTS / SP Course!

Dear friends,
This is Eitan Baitner, Dror Friends’ site administrator.

In these times of global crisis, we are flooded with a lot of information from the media that can cause us to feel at effect. The following datum from the PTS / SP Course can really help all of us to be at cause in any situation in our lives:

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