Ten Years Ago – Episode 3
Renata and Claudio in Haifa

We recently began following the wild ride of 2012, Dror Center’s departure from the Church of Scientology.

On January 21, we posted the first publication of Dror’s expulsion, Dani’s interview with Tony Ortega.

Then on February 4, we published Dani’s interview with Emilia, where he revealed data that was never disclosed before, how Dror acquired the full materials of Ron’s Bridge.

Shay Rozental on the Road to Victory

Shay is the head of a leading real estate agency in Haifa.

Shay began his journey with Hubbard’s philosophy over twenty years ago when he was a young soldier. He eagerly read Hubbard’s books and decided to take courses at the Tel Aviv Org of the Church of Scientology. Shay soon realized there was a huge gap between Hubbard’s writings and the Org’s practices and left the Church.

Yulia Does It – On Solo NOT’s

After several years as a public at the Tel-Aviv Org, Yulia joined staff in 2010. Yulia was sent to Flag twice for training as an Academy Supervisor.

Yulia Engelin began studying Scientology at Dror Center in 1996. After completing her introductory services, Yulia decided to advance on the Bridge at the Tel Aviv Org with a goal to become a professional auditor.

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