We Shall Train You!

Since its establishment in 1992, Dror Center’s main goal was to train auditors – if we are ever going to ‘Clear the Planet’ or at least have an impact and help the millions across the world, we must train thousands of auditors!

Introducing Yulia Filchenko

Yulia Filchenko immigrated in 2017 to Israel from Russia after meeting her future husband, Dima Dubinin. Dima is a veteran auditor at Dror and shortly after arriving in Israel, Yulia started receiving services at Dror, both courses and auditing. She soon realized that auditing is the best way to help others and decided to join staff and become an auditor.

With great diligence, Yulia continues to progress with her training. She began giving auditing merely two years after joining our team, producing incredible results. Today, Yulia audits in three languages: Russian, English and Hebrew.

Improving Communication with LifePower

Dear friends,
Three years ago Dani Lemberger founded the LifePower project to introduce Ron Hubbard’s knowledge to the public. There’s no doubt that the project creates a strong effect, as evident by the increasing demand of the LifePower books and by the new public joining the academies at Dror Center, Haifa and at Clearing Center, Tel-Aviv.

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