On the Future of Hubbard’s Philosophy

Misha, Tami, and Dani sharing lunch in Dahab, Egypt

On 11th February 2023, Mikhail Fedorov of Moscow, hosted a Zoom conference, inviting Dani Lemberger, Managing Partner of Dror Center, and Aviv Bershadsky, Auditor and Case Supervisor, to translate to Russian. The topic of the conference was “Scientology: Does it Have a Future?

As you are probably aware, Dror Center is not the only organization operating based on Ron Hubbard’s philosophy. Many other centers and individuals exist around the globe, who keep Hubbard’s Technology alive. One of these people is Mikhail Fedorov.

Mikhail is a long-time auditor. Based in Moscow, he is known worldwide for his work, which includes the development and manufacture of the Theta Meter.

You are invited to listen to Dani and Aviv talk about Dror’s Center’s international expansion, mainly based on the LifePower Library and courses.

Kindly note: For your convenience, we have edited the video and removed the Russian translation, leaving only Dani talking in English. As always, we have added subtitles in English.

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