Nir Lahav on Achieving Power

Last week we published Don Schaul’s lecture at our conference in Aqaba, Jordan. Don’s lecture was one of five lectures which focused on Hubbard’s Management Technology. Today we post the lecture given by Nir Lahav on how to achieve Power on all your Dynamics. The full lecture is over an hour long, the length of this section is eight minutes and includes English subtitles.

Nir started his journey up the Bridge over 20 years ago. Since leaving the Church in 2013, he is going up the Bridge at Dror Center having made sure Dror has all the original materials of Ron Hubbard. Nir recently completed Solo NOTs.

Nir is expanding his activity as a business consultant together with his partner Pavel Shahar, who also gave a lecture at the conference. Pavel and Nir introduce Ron’s Tech to their clients, most of them training and receiving auditing at Dror Center, Haifa or Clearing Center, Tel Aviv. 

We hope you enjoy watching Nir Lahav, please let us have your comments.

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    1. Thank you for this briefing, Nir. It is excellent.
      Please can I have your email address because I would like to write to you about the Admin Scale.

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