Nir Lahav – my Purpose

Nir Lahav
Nir Lahav

Dear friends,

My name is Nir Lahav, I am leading the group called Friends of Dror Center and in charge of our blog, Dror Friends. Our goal is to guarantee the future of Scientology and forward its application in Israel and throughout the world; the hat given by LRH to the OT Committees of orgs.

I started doing Scientology twenty years ago in the Tel Aviv Org. I later continued my services at Dror Center before they left the Church and did L11 at Flag. I trained extensively on the OEC Volumes and served 17 years as a Hubbard Management Consultant under WISE and many years was top FSM for the Tel Aviv Org and missions in Israel.

Over the years, I observed that Scientology was not expanding and we are not really making progress on the goal of a Cleared Planet. In 2011, when I was at CLO EU, Copenhagen, to handle some justice issues, I met there the Commanding Officer of CLO EU, Walter Kotrick. Walter and I had lengthy conversations, he recognized my strong purpose and recruited me in March 2011 to work with him as his Org Officer. I was proud to be in the Sea Org, working with the C.O. Europe on the purpose to make Scn orgs in Europe expand by application of Standard Admin Tech.

As part of my post, I was involved in establishing many of the European Ideal Orgs. I traveled throughout Europe visiting most of the orgs. I could see that the orgs were empty, the field heavily ARC broken and all we really have in the Church is boxes of fancy books and extravagant empty buildings.

At CLO EU, my office was close to the Flag Data Bureau where all statistics for orgs and missions in Europe are kept back to the beginning in the 1970’s. I could easily see the sharp decline over the years in all major statistics, such as BIS (Bodies-In-the-Shop, people attending services), auditing hours delivered, auditors being trained and much more.

One example stands to mind that some may remember: The Hamburg Org. Hamburg Org in the early 1990’s had approximately 1000 BIS weekly (that’s 1000 students and pc’s every week in the Org!), it delivered hundreds of hours of auditing per week and the Universe Corps was delivering the OT Levels in the org to the staff! Hamburg was really Saint Hill size per Ron’s definition. In the late 1990’s, a CMO Mission was sent there by David Miscavige, as witnessed by several ex-staff and public. This mission got rid of the successful execs, dismantled the org’s management and soon wrecked the org. By the year 2012, when I was there, it was a small failing org, in a big empty building.

I was in Hamburg on a mission in 2012 to rebuild it as an Ideal Org. I had to recruit staff, but this was impossible as there were very few people on lines. I originated an ARC Break program to recover the field, per LRH policy, so there will be prospects to recruit to staff. Two weeks after I prepared this program, I was recalled to Copenhagen and put on a Rollback interview (an often-abused Ethics technique aimed at uncovering ‘Enemy Lines’) with the Senior MAA EU for staff. I was repeatedly asked one question, “Who told you that the field in Hamburg needs to be recovered?” I told the MAA, whoever came up with this question is the enemy.

Bells rang in my head; this was my ultimate wake-up call but I was not ready to leave yet. Shortly after, I was transferred to IAS Administration in Los Angeles for further training. I visited all the orgs in the LA area and saw they too were empty.

I then did an extensive Doubt Formula based on my access to actual statistics at the EU Data Bureau, not event PR, and what I saw with my own eyes in Management and in the many orgs I visited. I applied the Data Series, observation and Mission Tech which was part of my hat.

By mid-2012, I concluded that the decline of Scientology in terms of clears and OT’s made, training of auditors, dissemination and acceptance by the broad public, is being created carefully by Miscavige himself. I could see that he was serving other intentions and special interests to prevent people from moving up the Bridge to real OT.

Thus the original OT levels of LRH were removed and altered and the church is delivering pseudo-LRH materials. Similarly, the Grades and all levels were altered and vital Clear and Class VIII C/S data omitted. This was carefully replaced by endless repair cycles and constantly modifying LRH materials, such as, GAT 1, GAT 2, the Basics and much more. I realized that this is an intentional invalidation of LRH himself, made to establish Miscavige as a ‘Tech Source’ who is even correcting errors made by Ron and his staff.

At the end of 2012, after almost two years in the SO, following the thorough Doubt Condition I did and my conclusions, I decided to leave this false organization, taken-over by Ron’s enemies, and continue Scientology outside their reach.

After leaving the Church, being myself a Sea Org member, loyal only to Ron and his purposes and to Standard Scientology, I did extensive research into the true original LRH materials and the Bridge exactly per LRH. I then reconnected with Tami, Dani and the team at Dror and discovered they went through a parallel route, collecting all source materials and training on the delivery of OT levels, L Rundowns and recovering much lost Tech. It was then easy for me to make a second decision, to work with Dror and create with them and many other friends a powerful group forwarding Scientology, for real!

At Dror, I am now progressing rapidly on the OT Levels exactly as Ron laid out, with great wins and true OT gains.

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  1. Nice of you to have shared your story, Some of what you mentioned , did take me back a while ago because myself I knew many of the groups and franchises in Europe having been the chief Registrar for Tours Org and stepping in a few times for AOSHDK My Cheif at FOLO EU was when I was around was Gilliuame leserve and he had a team of staff working in the flag bureau office liaising with European Org weekly I worked with two others in Tours Org Europe and it was increased to about 6/8 staff, Our mission was to support class IV Orgs and assist in Go Ho groups and franchises and along with that some times visiting Class Iv Orgs I was around when LRH sent Jill and Joe from South Africa after they open the first Advance Org in Denmark and which I was part of that this as well, this was many many years ago. We had a good experience with excellent franchise holders and gun ho groups forming around.These weren’t then controlled by any one other than a charter agreement with franchises office world wide ST HILL they were extremely successful and did very well , unfortunately back then it was known as RTC who went on a mad hut chasing down these powerful franchises and destroying them altogether. I was very sad as those were many successful groups and friends I worked with a lot. It got to much for me, and finally after being attempted to be sent to R P F and David Miscaviage controlling me as well as others and going around destroying anything one that did get results. I left in 1981 and helped Capt Bill Robertson formed a Ron’s Org network who is responsible for having created Ron’s Org network I was his then communicator and worked with him until he died.I am glad you have had a good success and I hope perhaps to have more contact with you , meanwhile all the very best

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us,it is important that all scientologysts and people in general around the world would study the real history and data.I personally want to thank you for your contribution to the group and your involvement in saving LRH Advanced tech and the real Bridge with Captain Bill.It is so appreciated i can hardly find words,so i would just say BIG Thank You here,until we meet.I will be very happy to stay in touch and maybe see you here with us soon in Israel or any other group we are establishing around the world these days.

      1. Hi Nir,

        I read your story with great interest and am glad you’re out and with the Dror Center now. Also glad you say kind things about Bill Robertson and “his” bridge, which is, as you say, the real bridge. I agree completely. I have been trained at Saint Hill in the early seventies and gone up to OT VIII in the Church. For the last six years I have now audited on the OT levels at Ron’s Org with wins incomparably greater than anything I experienced in the Church.
        Marcel Wenger

        1. Dear Marcel, This is great.Thank you for writing us.We are fortune to have the full Bridge, and since today is our Source Birthday i will just say Happy birthday Ron, we are proud to continue and keep the work free.ARC

    2. Hadley….thank you for all of what you have done!! I am well along the CBR Bridge and am finding all of the gains I envisioned I would have had in the church but didn’t. It is wonderful to experience the freedom available without the suppressive control the church enforces.

      Nir….thank you for your story and reality. It’s wonderful to have this blog be so theta and noise/distraction free. It is very much needed in the field outside of the church.

  2. Dani Lemberger

    Dear friend, Your support of CBR is known and appreciated. Thank you for visiting our blog. All the best, Dani

  3. Hi Dani,
    I’d like to read your observations and viewpoints re the 3 seasons of the T.V show: Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.
    Also -Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.
    Did you or Nir know any of the people involved?

    1. Hi Yuval, Thanks for writing, Personally i have less interest in media covering noise created by the “taken over church” I am sure it is intenionally caused.This falls under “Late on the chain”.I recommend “Models and Scenarios” Bulletin by CBR.Thanks Nir

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