Nir Lahav is our Latest Solo NOT’s Auditor

Nir Lahav

Nir Lahav began doing Scientology 20 years ago at the Tel Aviv Org. In a short time, he became an enthusiastic Scientologist and even joined the Sea Org where he held a senior position at Europe’s Management in Copenhagen. Soon, Nir observed serious outpoints and left the Sea Org in 2012.

Nir decided to continue going up the Bridge at Dror Center, after making sure we had all the original materials from Ron Hubbard, including the OT Levels and the L Rundowns. For Nir’s full story click here.

During his progress on the Bridge, Nir expanded his activity as a business consultant with his partner Pavel Shahar. Pavel and Nir added new business consultants to work with them, each progressing on the Bridge. Nir introduces Ron’s Tech to his clients, most of them training and receiving auditing at Dror Center, Haifa or Clearing Center, Tel Aviv. 

Nir himself is studying to be an auditor. He recently completed the Life Repair Auditor Course, so he can audit his customers as part of their consulting package.

Nir is determined to progress rapidly up the Bridge to full OT. In October 2018, Nir received his invitation for the OT Levels.  In May 2019, Nir attested to OT 3 and now Nir has completed the fabulous Solo NOT’s Auditor Course.

Solo NOT’s is the third stage of the NED for OT’s band, which consists of Audited NOT’s (NOT’s one receives from an auditor), the Solo NOT’s Auditor Course (where you learn to audit yourself on NOT’s) and Solo NOT’s, which can take a year or two, and brings you to cause over life.

Nir shared his wins with us. Enjoy the video! 

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  1. Friends of Dror

    Our friend Tasha sent us this comment:
    Dear friends!
    My congratulations!
    You’re so beautiful warm people! Such a lovely atmosphere!
    Much love, Tasha

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