Your Mind’s Efficiency – Latest LifePower Release

LifePower continues to expand successfully, as the books and courses create a rapid increase of new public going up the Bridge at Dror Center, Haifa; Clearing Center, Tel-Aviv; LP Riga in Latvia; and additional centers opening around the world.

Following the growing demand for the LifePower books, Dani decided to simplify the subject even further and created a new book, ‘Your Mind’s Efficiency’.

So far, four books have been published:

– The major book is, LifePower: Achieving Power in All Realms of Life, which contains about 300 pages that describe the basics of Ron Hubbard’s applied philosophy.

– The Complete Communication Manual, presenting the full theory of ARC, the Communication Formula and TR’s 0-4.

Study Essentials, Hubbard’s Study Tech and how to overcome the Barriers to Study and become a brilliant student.

The Story of C & I: Theory and Practice of Control and Intention, Hubbard’s discoveries on control and intention and Upper Indoc TR’s 6-9.

The books were written by Dani in English and most have been translated into Russian, French, Latvian, German, Hebrew, and most recently – Spanish.

Our latest release, Your Mind’s Efficiency, summarizes the major concepts appearing in the LifePower book. The book is impressively designed by Igor Dubrovner, LP’s talented graphic designer. In the book, you will find many beautiful illustrations providing mass on every subject presented, which makes it an excellent dissemination tool.

Igor has made a major contribution to the success of LifePower since he joined staff in January 2020. Igor designed the LifePower books in all languages and the LifePower website. In addition, Igor prepared the Communication Workshop as a PowerPoint presentation, and all our logos, brochures, and marketing materials.

Prior to joining the LP team, Igor studied graphic design, animation, and video editing at ‘Tiltan School of Design and Visual Communications ‘ in Haifa for three years. In addition, he took online courses at ‘John Bryce Mediatech College’ that broadened his expertise in computerized design.

After Igor successfully completed his studies, he worked five years for a major printshop in Haifa and gained much experience in designing and preparing books and marketing materials. When Dani launched the LifePower project four years ago, Igor began working with him on the layout and design of the books.

Igor tells us that being a part of the LifePower team makes him a major contributor to the creation of our purpose.
Here are several illustrations from ‘Your Mind’s Efficiency’.

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  1. Thank you Igor for helping us to publish such useful materials to disseminate LRH’s ideas and practices.
    Much love,

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