Moti Weizman: Twenty Years on Staff

Moti Weizman was introduced to Scientology in 1999 at the Tel-Aviv Org while working for Israel’s leading telecom company. While on his studies, he decided to join staff at the Tel Aviv Org as an Academy Supervisor. Moti was on staff as a much-loved supervisor for six years.

At the Tel Aviv Org of the Church of Scientology, it was all about stat-push and Thursday completions. Yet, Moti is well-remembered as the one Course Sup who really cared about the individual student. In 2006, at the end of his staff contract, Moti had seen enough out-tech and bad handling of public by the Church and left staff.

Moti moved to Haifa in 2006 and joined staff at Dror Center. He took upon himself many different hats and when Dror became a partnership in 2010, Moti was one of the five founding partners. In 2012, Moti, along with his friends at Dror Center, left the Church. Most of their public left with them due to the high trust the public had in Dror’s staff. Before taking this step, Moti conducted extensive research into Church’s management, the true stats of the Church, its loyalty to Ron and the availability of all technical materials outside the Church. The conclusions from this research, also undertaken by Moti’s partners, they published in July 2012.

Following the departure from the Church, Moti has made rapid progress up the Bridge and became the fourth staff member to join the circle of OTs. Moti completed L 11 one year ago and is now Solo Auditing on NED for OT’s.

At Dror, Moti now supervises training on the Advanced Levels from Solo Auditor Course Part 1 to OT 3. Moti is Dror’s Treasury Secretary and helps with translations of the OT Level materials into Hebrew. Thanks to Moti, Dror is the only org on the planet where the OT levels are delivered in Hebrew, in addition to English and Russian!   

We are grateful to Moti for doing this interesting interview with us, sharing over twenty years of Scientology history. The interview is in English, it is twenty minutes long and we included subtitles for your convenience.   

3 thoughts on “Moti Weizman: Twenty Years on Staff”

  1. Hi Moti’le,
    Thank you for doing this interview and telling us your unique story.
    Your research, knowledge and dedication to Ron Hubbard, made it possible for us as a group to leave the Church in July 2012.
    Together, we made history when 6 staff and over 40 public all left the Church and continued uninterrupted to deliver Ron’s Tech.
    Today, you are a leading partner, and the many hats you wear at Dror are crucial in our steady expansion.
    Thank you for being with us! We love ya, Dani

    1. Thank you Dani, I love you too. I feel fortunate to have met you and Dror staff when I was staff at Tel Aviv org. I found my second home and family at Dror. I am very proud to be part of this great team that you and Tami created. Thank you!

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