Moshe Wilbushewich has attested to the State of Clear!

Moshe Wilbushewich Aviv
The Association of Free Scientologists Israel is happy to announce that Moshe Wilbushewich has attested to the State of Clear!

Moshe Wilbushewich, Tami Lemberger’s brother, began his journey in Scientology in 1989. At the time, Tami and Dani lived in the U.S. and when Moshe came to visit them he started doing courses and auditing at the New York Org. A year later, Moshe moved to Florida and continued his training at Flag, where he completed his Class IV internship.

Following the many obstacles Flag placed on his progress, Moshe left the Church in 1996.

Three years ago, when Dror Center went free, Moshe renewed his progress up the Bridge. He came to Haifa several times and received auditing at Dror from Aviv Bershadsky.

Moshe and Aviv at Dror, January 2014

Recently, our friend Ronit Charny, a former Class IX auditor at Flag, came to Moshe’s home in New Jersey. Ronit is now a senior “indie auditor”, after resigning from the Church last year. You can read about this here.

Over the past few days Ronit has been auditing Moshe and he has now attained the State of Clear.

Ronit and Moshe, New Jersey, 15 April 2015

Moshe sent us his success story:

IMG-20150417-WA0002 IMG-20150417-WA0003 IMG-20150417-WA0004

We asked Tami, the excited sister, for her comments:

“I am very excited and proud of my little brother. Moshe has fought to up up the Bridge and go Clear for 26 years. He has made it, despite the obstacles the Church put on his way. Moshe’s achievement is additional proof for me that we did the right thing when leaving the Church. I am grateful to his auditor at Dror, Aviv, for the dedicated and precise service of the past three years. I thank my best friend, Ronit, for the amazing auditing of the last few days. My gratitude to Ron Hubbard for his magical Technology that makes it possible for every Man to go free and realize his full abilities.”

Tami and Moshe, Haifa, 1973

11 thoughts on “Moshe Wilbushewich has attested to the State of Clear!”

  1. Ori – you’ve made it!!
    Persistance = THETA !!
    Your determination to continue despite all arbitrary barriers is admirable!
    Thanks to Aviv Bershadsky and Ronit Charny!
    Ori – continue up the Bridge, the sky is the limit!
    Lots of love
    Tami Lemberger

  2. What a fantastic, beautiful, theta win! A proud accomplishment, as Ron would say. My congratulations to Ori for sticking with it and making it happen, and to Ronit for helping Ori achieve his dreams. Thank you so much for the theta news to brighten this day! 🙂

    Chris Black
    Class VIII C/S

  3. VWD to Moshe for his persistence and dedications despite the many obstacles that occurred on his way. But he has made it and will continue on up to higher steps of awareness and abilities!You are the greatest!
    VWD to Aviv for his standard application of the Tech! What a fantastic win for everyone!
    It’s my privilege to be part of this amazing accomplishment! The sky is the limit!
    Much Much Love
    Ronit Charny

  4. What a great success for both Ori and Ronit! Love hearing about all the wins and auditing taking place in the Independent field. Is give hope to those who want to continue to reach for higher states.

    Awesome job!

  5. Such a great team work. Ori, what a great achievement! You deserve it 100%!
    It gives me such pleasure to know that another member from Lemberger/Wilbush clan is Clear. I know the entire family since 1978. I am very privileged to be working in cooperation with Dror College on getting Ori to the next level. Witnessing so many Game Conditions in the “I HELP” auditors field for many years while being in the Church, brings in a great feeling of mutual cooperation between indie field and especially among family. Ronit and I consider The Lemberger/Wilbush as part of our Family.
    Lets continue to Flourish and Prosper.
    With Love,
    Yossi Charny

  6. Congratulations Ori !!!
    Fantastic persistance, wonderful achievment, hats off to you!!
    What a nice way to start the weekend, with these news. Huge smile from Tel Aviv to New York… 🙂 🙂
    Beautiful Indie cooperation, Pure theta! Well done Aviv, Ronit and Dror! You are rocking..!
    Ladies and gentlemen, This IS the best cure: to flourish and prosper!
    Love to all,

  7. This is great. The more people that go clear, the better this world.
    Thanks the Dror center for this product.
    Wonderful! Ori.

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