Moshe Goes Through the Wall of Fire!

Dear Friends,
We are happy to share with you Moshe Wilbushewich’s attest to completion of Advanced Level OT 3 and the OT Drug Rundown.

Last week, we posted the wins of Maglen Perez from Orientation Processing and the three executives of a large trading company, managed by Moshe Wilbushewich, completing the Life Repair Program.

Moshe Wilbushewich started going up the Bridge 25 years ago at the New York Org, where he was introduced by his sister, Tami Lemberger, Dror’s Senior C/S. A year later, Moshe moved to Florida and continued his training at Flag. He trained as a Class 4 auditor while co-auditing to Clear. In 1996, Moshe left the Church after many obstacles were placed on his progress.

When Moshe heard that Dror Center left the Church in 2012, he came on Dror lines and in 2015, attested to the State of Clear.

In January 2020, Aviv Bershadsky, visited New Jersey the first time and delivered the Communication Workshop to the executives of Moshe’s company. At the same time, Aviv got Moshe completed on his OT Preps, OT Eligibility and Advanced Levels OT 1 and OT 2.

In August 2020, Aviv returned to New Jersey. This time, Moshe completed Advanced Levels OT 3 and the OT Drug Rundown.

We invite you to listen to Moshe share his wins. We will be happy to receive your comments.

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