Miscavige’s Inspiration

Our good friend Motti Morell has sent us this clip showing where Miscavige got some of his best ideas.


4 thoughts on “Miscavige’s Inspiration”

  1. This is realy good. Now we know where his funky ideas are comming from. They are comming from deep midleage…….. from hell itself, thats why most of his followers believe, they are affraid of this hell. Independent spiritual beings have been in hell already. Hania

    1. I’ve been through Hell, many times, on my way to Ditty-Wah-Ditty (about 10 miles on the other side of Hell, I believe Ron said). It wasn’t so bad. Lovely time, bit expensive, but good memories. 😀

      Always liked Jeremy Irons as an actor. But excellent “tribute” to DM, the COB (“Charlatan of the Board”).


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